More than 1500 posts await you in the Mars Will Send No More archives: a sprawling complex of comic book material at your fingertips! Here are some classics to get you started!

Our Twenty-Two Favorite Single Comic Book Issues
Armadillo Comics #2 by Jim Franklin; 1971, Rip Off Press
Psychotic Adventures #2. Last Gasp, 1974.
Lone Wolf & Cub #28; First Publishing
Devil Dinosaur #1 by Jack Kirby; Marvel, 1978
Cartoon History of the Universe #1 by Larry Gonick; 1978, Rip Off Press
Anarchy Comics #1; 1978, Last Gasp
Silver Surfer #1; Marvel, 1968
Super Villain Classics #1; Marvel, 1983
World Around Us #15: Prehistoric Animals; Gilberton, 1959
Man from Utopia #0 by Rick Griffin; 1972
Spectacular Spider-man #21; Marvel, 2003.
Nexus #44; First Publishing, 1988.
2001: A Space Odyssey Treasury, adapted by Jack Kirby; Marvel, 1976.
Paleo: Tales of the Late Cretaceous #6. (Please see Jim’s website!)
Alien Legion Vol. 2 #13, by Dixon and Stroman; 1989, Epic/Marvel.
Age of Reptiles: The Hunt #4, by Ricardo Delgado; Dark Horse.
Saga of the Swamp Thing #34, by Moore, Bissette, and Totleben; DC/Vertigo.
New Gods Vol. 1 #9, by Jack Kirby; DC Comics.
Tales of the New Teen Titans Mini Series #4, by Wolfman and Perez.
Tyrant #3, by Steve Bissette.
Secret Wars Vol. 1 #10, by Shooter, Zeck, and Beatty; Marvel Comics.
Dreadstar #4 by Jim Starlin; Epic/Marvel.

Our Top Thirty Most-Viewed Comic Book Posts

Magneto Rips out all of Wolverine’s Adamantium!
Dinosaurs of Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson!
Wolverine Aces the Red Skull!
Black Cat: She’s So Totally Amoral!
Miracleman 15: Nemesis!
Animal Man 5: The Coyote Gospel!
The Conception and Birth of Nightcrawler!
X-Men: Fatal Attractions Wrap Around Covers With Holograms!
Michael Zulli’s Ninja Turtles!
Todd McFarlane’s Torment of the Lizard!
Jack Kirby’s 2001 A Space Odyssey – First Issue!
Jim Lee X-Men Posters 3!
Origin of Galactus by Jack Kirby
Do You Want to Know More about the Creepy Guy at the End of Avengers?
Origin of Starfire!
KISS: 1977 Marvel Comics Super Special #1
Complete Jack Kirby Portfolio from 1971!
G.I. Joe 21 – The Silent Issue!
Wolverine Aces the Hulk!
The Death of Barry Allen: Crisis on Infinite Earths 8
Wolverine Gallery 8: Rob Liefeld
Jim Lee X-Men Posters 1
Preeeeeeeesenting… The Women’s Texas Championship!
Nathan, I Don’t Want to Die Alone!
Jim Lee X-Men Posters 2!
His Mechanical Brain Is Charged With All Knowledge!
What If Spider-Man Had Stopped the Burglar?!
EC Comics & Ray Bradbury: There Will Come Soft Rains!
Wolverine Gallery 22: Jim Lee
Scenes from Jack Kirby’s Black Hole Adaptation!

Dinosaur Comics and Other Prehistoric Animals

Dinosaurs by V.T. Hamlin (Dinny’s Family Album and more)
Young Earth; from the pages of Turok Son of Stone
World Around Us #15: Prehistoric Animals; Gilberton, 1959
The World of Long Ago; Treasure Chest Vol. 16 #9, 1961
Classics Illustrated #167: Prehistoric World; Gilberton, 1962
Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury; EC Comics
Dinosaurs in DC’s Suicide Squad
A Gun for Dinosaur; L. Sprague de Camp adaptation by Marvel
Devil Dinosaur by Jack Kirby
Flesh by Pat Mills (2000 AD)
Dinosaurs in The Cartoon History of the Universe; Rip Off Press, 1978.
Dinosaurs in Forbidden Knowledge #2; Last Gasp, 1978
Kazar and the Savage Land; Marvel Comics
Dinosaurs: An Illustrated Guide by Charles Yates
Tyrant by Steve Bissette
Paleo: Tales of the Late Cretaceous by Jim Lawson
Age of Reptiles by Ricardo Delgado
Satanus (Judge Dredd)
Dinosaurs in Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson
Jungle Girl; Dynamite Entertainment
Dinosaurs of William Stout
Dinosaurs by Joe Kubert
Dinosaurs in Weird War Tales; DC Comics
Dinosaurs by Russ Heath
Dinosaurs by Gil Kane
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The T-Rex Beatdown collaborative blog project

Jack Kirby

Race for the Moon
Captain Victory
Captain America
Black Hole
Black Panther
New Gods
Mister Miracle
Devil Dinosaur
Jack Kirby Draws Dreams
Golden Age Crime by Jack Kirby
Jack Kirby’s Monsters
Fantastic Four
Silver Star
Persistence of Spiritual Vision: The Symbols of Jack Kirby, by Iain Carstairs
Our complete Jack Kirby archive

Indie, Underground, and Educational Comics

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Psychotic Adventures
Alien Legion
Puma Blues
Cartoon History of the Universe
Anarchy Comics
Forbidden Knowledge
Charlton Comics
National Geographic
Julian Bond’s Vietnam
Clan Apis
Spain’s Trashman
Robert Crumb
Our complete archive of Indie Comics
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Superhero Highlights

Wonder Woman
Fantastic Four
Doctor Strange
Judge Dredd
Marshal Law
Animal Man
Legion of Super-heroes
Teen Titans
Iron Man
Captain Marvel
Silver Surfer
Adam Strange
Marvel Superhero Secret Wars
Crisis on Infinite Earths
Doctor Doom
Red Skull
Next Wave
Green Lantern
Mister Miracle
Adam Warlock
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More Artists to Explore

Alex Niño
Jim Starlin
Steve Bissette
Rich Buckler
Rick Veitch
John Buscema
Jim Woodring
Berni Wrightson
John Byrne
George Perez
Steve Rude
Frank Miller
Jim Lee
Todd McFarlane
Gene Colan
Robert Crumb

EC Comics and Warren

Wally Wood
Ray Bradbury
Angelo Torres
Joe Orlando
Frank Frazetta
Eerie Magazine

Golden Age (early 20th century)
Our complete Golden Age Comics archive