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Blasting into your reality from the Summer of 1977, it’s a double-sized KISS Super Special from Marvel Comics! This Bronze-Age treasure compiles interviews, a discography, and pics of the band with a multi-part Marvel Comics adventure penned by Steve Gerber.

As you appreciate the vivid red ink in this twisted tale, realize that the band mixed their own blood with the red ink at the print shop. If you own this book, you really do own a piece of KISS! Now THAT is rock’n’roll.

Our favorite thing about Marvel Comics Super Special #1 is the advertisement for Air Latveria. It promises you a visit to the land of Latverian enchantment to enjoy, among other things, “the famous outdoor gladiatorial robot matches.” YES! Where do we book the next flight out of here?!

Collector’s Guide: From Marvel Comics Super Special #1; 1977.

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