Secret Origin

What is all this about Mars Not Sending Any More? What does that mean?! The short version is that “Mars will send no more” is a line spoken by an alien named Kreed in Nexus #44. Keep scrolling for the long version.

Kreed is a friend of great Nexus and the speaker of the quote that gives this blog its title. Kreed is a former assassin and a four-armed master in the ways of dealing death. His life was empty and without purpose until he discovered Nexus — an assassin with a true purpose, in Kreed’s eyes. Or eye. Kreed singlemindedly dedicated his life to serving Nexus.

Nexus dreams of mass murderers and their atrocities. He suffers the pain of the victims in intense nightmares. The dreams are given to him by an alien being who also gives him godlike powers to seek out and execute the murderers when he awakes. When he fails to do it quickly, he suffers debilitating migraines and seizures.

One day, Nexus wants to visit his estranged daughters. He gives a list of mass murderers to Kreed and his friend Sinclair so that he can take a little family time. Nexus’ friend Judah suggests it might not be a good idea, but Nexus does not heed the warning.

Instead, Nexus delegates. And who better for the job than a pair of four-armed alien assassins that kind of worship the dude? What could go wrong?

When Nexus returns home, the alien who powers him is angry. Nexus’ plan has gone awry.

Kreed and Sinclair have come down with an alien sickness, going on a killing spree in pursuit of the murderers on the list. They go to Mars and spread devastation and horrific violence.

Nexus and Judah contain Kreed and Sinclair, but the diplomatic relations between Mars and Nexus’ homeworld Ylum are damaged. Ylum is a moon that Nexus has colonized with the survivors he has rescued from the mass murderers he executes. While Ylum seeks to join “the Web” of planetary governments, the Martian government sends a pair of assassins to kill Kreed and Sinclair.

Kreed battles the assassins and proves himself the master of combat — yet the words of the assassin Roberta cut him to the quick. Kreed has failed in his duty to Nexus. His sense of honor leads him to return to Mars to submit himself for trial.

Mars Will Send No More.
There you have it, folks.

Story by Mike Baron.
Art by Paul Smith, Steve Rude, and Jackson Guice.
Published by First Publishing.

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