Meteor Mags

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Blind Alley Blues blasts off from where The Lost Crew of the Volya IX ended.

Join Meteor Mags and her criminal crew on a suicide mission to Ceres, and help them steal the biggest guns in the Solar System!

Bang your head as the Psycho 78s play their most nefarious concert of all time, and find out how the band originally got together!

Run for your life in the tornado that terrifies an entire asteroid! And grab all the ammo you can carry, because you are about to rock the Asteroid Belt with Meteor Mags and Patches—at a more brutal volume than ever before!

21,000 words. The 102-page paperback edition includes black & white ink drawings.

Available in Paperback and Kindle
and iBook and Nook Book.


Meteor Mags continues her punk-rock space-pirate adventures in The Lost Crew of the Volya IX. The story begins where the collection Red Metal at Dawn left off.

Join Meteor Mags, her cat Patches, and her pirate-radio friend, the shotgun-toting Dr. Plutonian, as they face horror in a not-so-abandoned asteroid mine! Thrill to the savage combat of the alien mating ritual practiced by the invading dragons! Rock out as Patches takes over the digital turntables at an asteroid dive bar! Find out what Mags’ informant Kaufman takes with him on his last day as Chief Administrator of the Port Authority on Mars!

And cover your ears, because Mags and her crew are back—bigger, badder, and louder than ever!

20,000 words. The 102-page paperback edition includes black & white ink drawings.

METEOR MAGS: RED METAL AT DAWN and Other Tales of Interplanetary Piracy

Ahoy! You can now find the buried treasure of our first ten stories in paperback and Kindle editions. You can also find it for iBooks, Nook Books, and other ebook formats.

The 402-page paperback is big, beautiful, and banned in the Asteroid Belt! Plus, it includes black & white drawings!


Meet Meteor Mags. She’s a space pirate, tobacco smuggler, pole dancer, and rock’n’roll rebel. Meteor Mags blazes through the Solar System in a series of anarchist adventures with her foul-mouthed nephew, Tarzi, and her adorably indestructible cat, Patches. Join Meteor Mags, her best friend Celina, and her band The Psycho 78s on the asteroid mining frontier of the near future, where mayhem abounds and the heroes aren’t always good!

By 2027, gravity control has made asteroid mining a major industry. Meteor Mags and her crew rock the Belt, raging against the forces of law and order, hijacking cargo ships, and selling illegal music—until they come face-to-face with an alien invasion!

Join Mags as she confronts a telepathic kraken in an asteroid laboratory! Struggle for your life against a robotic Mags! Travel back in time to witness the life-changing events of her childhood! And turn up the volume, because Mags is ready to rock!

The ten short stories collected in Red Metal at Dawn blend historical fiction with the wild energy of Jack Kirby-style comic books and pulp science fiction. Read it in Paperback or Kindle and see why Meteor Mags has been banned in the Asteroid Belt since 2029! Also Available on iTunes, and at Barnes & Noble in Paperback and Nook Book!

Contains all six stories from the first two volumes, plus four more: The Western Route, Red Metal at Dawn, Curtain of Fire, and Daughter of Lightning.


Available in Paperback and Kindle and iBook and Nook Book.


Join Meteor Mags on the day she met Patches in a spaceport, then rescue a pirate radio DJ in a hail of bullets! Have a drink with Mags and her crew as she introduces her foul-mouthed nephew Tarzi to the reckless violence of the smuggler’s life! Shoot semi-automatic weapons and steal cigarettes from a warehouse! The rock’n’roll blares, and the dancers’ clothes go flying!

But how long can Meteor Mags keep up her decadent lifestyle when the bodies pile up everywhere she goes?

Contains the stories The Secret Laboratory of Dr. Plutonian and Old Enough. The 100-page paperback edition includes a bonus gallery of black & white drawings.


Available in Paperback, Kindle, iBook, and Nook Book.


Join Meteor Mags, her cat Patches, and her foul-mouthed nephew Tarzi in their first, violent confrontation with the reptilian invaders in the Outer Planets! Travel back in time to discover the secrets of GravGen technology! Gaze upon the mysterious energies of the machine that will save Patches’ life! Take revenge, learn how to shoot pool, and get a kiss on the cheek from the Solar System’s Number One Dancer!

Enjoy all this adventure and more when you join Meteor Mags and her crew in this special Smuggler’s Edition!

Contains the stories Mountain Lions Forever, Patches the Immortal, The Weight of the Universe, and Whipping Boy. The 150-page paperback edition includes black & white ink drawings.