TO CREATORS AND PUBLISHERS: If your work appears on this site, it’s because I love it and want more people to know about it. If you feel your copyright is being violated by my enthusiasm for your work, I will without hesitation remove all instances of your work. All you need to do is send me an email. I will take it down permanently within 48 hours, unless I am in the hospital or dead or something equally tragic.


PHILOSOPHY: As a general rule, I only post about stuff I like and enjoy. The Internet is rife with negativity and outrage-fueled clickbait, and I have no interest in adding to that dumpster fire. I don’t understand bloggers who spend time insulting artists, creators, and books they don’t like. Even creators whose books I dislike worked hard at their craft, and that deserves respect. This blog does not exist to tear down anyone’s efforts, but to share and celebrate those works I find especially awesome or interesting.

SCHEDULE: I post when I can, whether that’s a couple of times per week or only once every couple of months. Since 2013, I’ve worked as a freelance editor, content writer, book designer, self-publishing consultant, and book project manager. My life is an unpredictable ebb and flow of prior commitments. This blog is something I do for fun in my spare time when I need to unwind, not a rigorously scheduled ordeal.

AFFILIATE PROGRAMS: I have an affiliate relationship with both and, but I do not earn cash from either of them. Instead, I get store credit based on my referrals. Sometimes, that earns me some free stuff, and for the past few years I have endeavored to return the favor to this blog’s readers by sharing the treasures I’ve been able to enjoy as a result of their support. That is what my ongoing “Big Box of Comics” series is all about.

ADVERTISING: Every year, I pay a fee of about $50 to WordPress to keep this blog free from advertisements. I am not interested in “monetizing” this blog with ads, because I feel that ads degrade the reader’s experience. If you want to help me pay my bills, then buy my books. If you don’t, then just enjoy the blog’s content and the discoveries it offers.

ABOUT ME: My favorite color to wear is black, because it simplifies laundry and goes with everything—which is helpful when you are partially colorblind. My favorite food is tacos, because a good taco is not only delicious but includes every food group. My favorite beer is Four Peaks Xerocole ale with the cute desert animal on it. My favorite pizza style is Detroit style. My favorite animal is the puma. My noteworthy accomplishments include petting an octopus, reversing entropy, climbing a volcano, and getting you to read all the way to the bottom of this page.