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art generated by Midjourney


The old volcano
slowly releases her heat.
Ponds ripple gently.

Birds flock to her warmth
and nest for generations
until she erupts.

Startled birds flee to
nest on quieter islands,
remnants of raging,

sheltering their young
from the unexpected storms
brought in on the waves.

The young ones will grow
and raise their own to migrate,
exploring the seas.

This poem was written in collaboration with SisterMoon, who also composed the original poem that appears as the epigraph to The Singing Spell in Meteor Mags: The Second Omnibus. Although our 5-7-5 verse format is an oversimplification of traditional Japanese haiku, we did use the classical method of taking turns creating verses to form a longer poem.

Joining this collaboration as illustrator is the Midjourney AI, whose otherwordly imaginations you will now see adorning many of my original poems in the poetry archives.