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Joss Whedon brought a certain simplicity back to Wolverine during the two years he and John Cassaday produced the Astonishing X-Men. Wolverine no longer trudged the planet with enormous paragraphs of Chris Claremont‘s monologues weighing him down. Whedon’s Wolverine just wanted a good scrap and a cold beer!

Witness these two brief scenes from Astonishing X-men #7 and #17. In #7, the team goes up against your basic evil giant monster from below. The rest of the team does their typical X-men soul-searching interior dialogue while fighting. But not Wolverine!

Later, in #17, a psychic messes with Wolvie’s head, turning him into some kind of foppish British school-boy. Oh the agony! But Wolverine gets a bump on the head that brings him to his senses.

We’ll even throw in a couple Wolverine variant covers from this killer series.

Collector’s Guide: Available in single issues as Astonishing X-men, and also collected as the Astonishing X-Men Omnibus.