Meteor Mags: The Battle of Vesta 4 – now in paperback and ebook!



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bov4 cover kindle

Four Action-Packed Stories Full of Anarchy, Asteroids, and Excessive Ammunition Continue The Adventures of Meteor Mags and PatchesHoist the Jolly Roger and Get Ready to Rock!

Available on Amazon in paperback (224 pages) and Kindle. Also available on iTunes and at Barnes & Noble for Nook Book.

Rings of Ceres: A hell-raising space pirate and her indestructible calico cat return to a decimated asteroid civilization to rescue friends and kick ass, but they get caught up in violent riots between the desperate citizens of Ceres and the mercenary security forces guarding the mining corporations.

Jam Room: Meteor Mags leads a jam session with the teenagers who want to start a punk band called Dumpster Kittens!

The Battle of Vesta 4: Meteor Mags and her fun-loving crew throw the birthday party of a lifetime—until death rains down from the sky! Mosh at the rock’n’roll party of the century as the Psycho 78s record their new album! Flee in terror as Club Assteroid falls under the dragons’ assault from space! Discover the underground caverns of Vesta and join the resistance! Take one last hell ride aboard the Queen Anne before it all goes up in flame! Strap on your battle armor and get ready for the most brutal, barbaric, blood-soaked fight of your life: The Battle of Vesta 4!

Hunted to Extinction: Meteor Mags and Patches undertake one last hunt to exterminate the space lizards from our solar system. Their journey reveals the fate of Tarzi’s parents, a tragedy that connects our criminal crew to a powerful potential ally. Plus, Mags gets a new ship, and it’s got even more kick-ass stolen technology to help her plunder the System! Her club might have been destroyed, but Meteor Mags and her friends will never accept defeat so long as they live.

May not be suitable for children or carbon-based life.




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MAY 2019

Listen or Download the MP3. 118 minutes. 128 Kbps.
View or Download the Set List.

Valravn – Krummi
Gjallarhorn – O-Vals
Faun – Von den Elben
Hoven Droven – Slentbjenn
Goat – Stonegoat
Lillasyster – Nu har jag fått nog (Akustisk)
Delerium/Katharine Blake/Mediæval Bæbes – Extollere
Bjorn Berge – Honey White (Morphine)
Jane’s Addiction – The Riches
Iron Horse – Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin)
No Mad – Mental Revolution
R.E.M. – Crush with Eyeliner
Little Barrie – I.5.C.A.
The (International) Noise Conspiracy – Dustbins of History
Swans – Alcohol the Seed
Stef Chura – Method Man
Bjørn Berge – We’re Gonna Groove (Led Zeppelin)
Sonic Youth – Renegade Princess
Whiskeydick – Drunk as Hell
Midnight Oil – The Dead Heart
All Them Witches – Charles William
Beck – Think I’m in Love
Lo Fidelity Allstars – Battleflag
Crystal Method – Vapor Trail
Missy Elliott – Lose Control (feat Ciara and Fat Man Scoop)
Loreena McKennitt – The Mummers’ Dance
Hills – Och Solen Sänkte Sig Röd



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PBN SET 48: GhostNippleKitty
May 2019

Listen or download the mp3 file. 114 minutes. 128 Kbps.
The set list is available as a text file.

Kristin Hersh – Your Ghost
Kristin Hersh – The Cuckoo
Kristin Hersh – Close Your Eyes
The White Stripes – Little Ghost
Henry Rollins – Ghost Rider (Suicide)
Captain Crimson – Ghost Town
Clutch – Ghost
Rage Against the Machine – Born as Ghosts
Jetta in the Ghost Tree – Reaction
Valentine Six – Ghost Face
North Mississippi All-Stars – 51 Phantom
The Phantom – Love Me
Delerium/Katharine Blake/The Mediæval Bæbes – Sister Sojourn Ghost
Sonic Youth – NYC Ghosts & Flowers
Menard Rogers – Ain’t Nothing But a Titty
Light Crust Doughboys – Pussy Pussy Pussy
KISS – Take It Off
The Donnas – Take It Off
Steel Panther – I Want Your Tits
The Nips – All the Time in the World
Swallows – It Ain’t the Meat
Marty and the Muff Tones – Its Hard To Say I Love You When You’re Sitting on My Face
Lil’ Kim – How Many Licks (feat Sisqo)
Your Favorite Martian – Tig Ol’ Bitties
Krizz Kaliko – Titties (feat Tech N9ne)
Destiny’s Child – Bootylicious
Ciara – 1 2 Step (feat Missy Elliott)
Salt-N-Pepa – Shoop
Black Eyed Peas – Pump It
Strange Lot – The Horror
The Horrors – She Is the New Thing
Black Angels – You on the Run

my window


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PBN SET 47: My Window
May 2019

Listen or download the mp3 file. 128 minutes. 128 Kbps.
The set list is available as a text file.

Cheech and Chong – Me and My Old Lady
Lonnie Donegan – Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour (live)
Blade Runner 2049 – Baseline Test (Second Scene)
Cape Cub – Closer
Ann Peebles – I Can’t Stand the Rain
Ann Peebles – Do I Need You?
Sam Kinison – Rehab (live)
Presidents of the USA – Tiki Lounge God
Nick Waterhouse – I Can Only Give You Everything (Them)
Sid King and the Five Strings – Purr, Kitty, Purr
Wade Ray – I Need a Good Girl Bad
Little Barrie – Pin That Badge
Girls’ Names – Drawing Lines
John’s Children – Desmedona
Ty Segall – I’m A Man (Spencer Davis Group)
Ty Segall and the Freedom Band – Love Fuzz (Advance of Deforming Lobes)
Bad Brains – Sailin’ On
Bad Brains – Don’t Need It
Rose Tattoo – We Can’t Be Beaten
Screaming Lord Sutch – Flashing Light
Dandy Warhols – Not If You Were the Last Junkie On Earth
Smashing Pumpkins – Hello Kitty Kat
The Verve – Butterfly
Le Roux – Keep the Fire Burnin’
Cal Tjader – Davito



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APR 2019

Listen or download the mp3 file. 124 minutes. 128 Kbps.
The set list is available as a text file.

Da Brat – Fire It Up
Lil Kim – The Jump Off
Chris Sand (Sandman) – Gateway Cock
Rage Against the Machine – Pistol Grip Pump (Volume 10)
Eve – Tambourine
Daddy Nitro and Ice-T – Depths of Hell
Da Lench Mob – Buck tha Devil
Intelligent Hoodlum (Tragedy Khadafi) – Arrest The President
DJ Pooh (feat. King Tee, Yo Yo, MC Eiht, B Real, J Dee, Kam, Threat, Ice Cube)- Get the Fist
Deftones and B Real – Black Moon
Geto Boys – Die Motherfucker
Insane Clown Posse – Playa Hatas Degree
AMG – Bitch Betta Have My Money
Chingy – Right Thurr
Snoop Dogg – Doggfather (Remix)
Wu Tang Clan – One of These Days
Control Machete – Comprendes Mendes
Long Beach Dub Allstars (feat. Chali2na, Half Pint, Ives, Tippa Irie) – Life Goes On
Timezone LaFontaine (feat. Sandman) – Back to tha Lo-Fi
Eric B and Rakim – Dont Sweat the Technique
Stetsasonic – Talkin’ All That Jazz (Remixed By Dimitri From Paris)
Foxy Brown Feat. Jay – I’ll Be
Yellow Claw – DJ Turn It Up (Bass Boosted)
Lady Sovereign – Love Me or Hate Me
Snoop Dogg (feat. Daz Dillinger, Raphael Saadiq) – Midnight Love
An-ten-nae – Take LSD
Crystal Method – Vapor Trail
Plump DJs – System Addict
Snoop Doog with Brad Wilk, Tim Commerford, Tom Morello – Snoop Bounce (Rock’n’Roll Remix)
Thievery Corporation (feat. Gunjan) – Doors Of Perception
DJ Shiftee – 2009 DMC World Championship Set



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APR 2019

Listen or download the mp3 file. 123 minutes. 128 Kbps.
The set list is available as a text file.

Trio Nine – Here’s the Number
Northwoods Improvisers – Hard Count
Swans – The Apostate
Crash Worship – Bajo la Piel
Jim Carroll – Nietzsche Said
Nitzer Ebb – Join in the Chant
Killing Joke – The Death and Resurrection Show
PJ Harvey – Big Exit
Queens of the Stone Age – Walkin’ on the Sidewalks
Oomph! – Anniversary
Boris – Heavy Friends
Waiting – Anger Management Counseling
Burncycle – Blame
Rage Against the Machine – Roll Right
Dope – Die MF Die
Cloud Nothings – I’m Not Part of Me
Brotherhood of Sleep – Dark as Light
Metallica – Spit out the Bone
Widowspeak – The Dark Age
Growing Concern – All I Really Want
Violent Femmes – 36-24-36
e06 Numbers Station – Audio Sample
Gyuto Monks Tantric Choir – Mandala Offering



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PBN SET 44: iHateGrunge
APR 2019

Listen or download the mp3 file. 116 minutes. 128 Kbps.
The set list is available as a text file.

Chopin – “Raindrop” Prelude Op. 28 No. 15 (Claudio Arrau)
Joss Stone – Governmentalist (Feat. Nas)
Indigo Girls – Closer to Fine
Nirvana – Breed
Alice in Chains – Hate to Feel
Nirvana – Very Ape
Jerry Cantrell – Cut You In
Soundgarden – My Wave
Nirvana – Drain You
Melvins – Honey Bucket
Mudhoney – This Is the Life
Pearl Jam – Worldwide Suicide
Live – I Alone
Smashing Pumpkins – Sweet Sweet
Soundgarden – Been Away Too Long
Pearl Jam – Blood
L7 – Fast and Frightening
L7 – ‘Til the Wheels Fall Off
Pearl Jam – Gone
Alice in Chains – Heaven Beside You
Nirvana – Scentless Apprentice
Soundgarden – Rusty Cage
Butthole Surfers – The Wooden Song
Mother Love Bone – Crown of Thorns
Babes in Toyland – Hello
Chris Cornell – Original Fire
Toad the Wet Sprocket – Fall Down
Smithereens – Especially for You
Morphine – I Know You (Part 2)
Rolling Stones – I Got the Blues

much ado about glue


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I posted a lot of music sets in the past few months without any explanation or context. Let’s remedy that oversight.

In late 2012, some friends of mine in cartoon world put together a training session so more people could stream music into our little fantasy land. It had been about ten years since I volunteered as a DJ and sound engineer at public radio stations on college campuses, so streaming sounded like a fun way to scratch my DJ itch. Plus, the chatroom aspect of cartoon world promised to be more interactive than hiding in the basement of some campus building for several hours without anyone to talk to other than the occasional musical guest or friend who dropped by.

I picked up the basics quickly, since they are way less complicated than mixing boards, patch bays, CD players, record players, and all the other toys in your typical 1990s college radio station. Over the next six years, I streamed music sets in cartoon world for private parties, public events, and various virtual clubs who were reckless enough to give me the power to control sound.

I never liked keeping a rigid schedule, due to my completely aberrant sleep patterns, but I enjoyed being a “fill-in” DJ with no responsibilities and using my magical powers over sound to help train aspiring DJs and troubleshoot technical problems for them. That way, I could contribute to the thriving DJ subculture in cartoon world without stressing over any of it.

This was also the period where, because of my love for mountain lions, I invented the imaginary “Puma Broadcasting Network”, which eventually made its way into fiction as the pirate radio station featured in The Adventures of Meteor Mags and Patches. That’s why you see the music sets tagged and labeled with “PBN”.

In those six years, I discovered a cartoon club that became my favorite virtual venue to listen to tunes. With DJs from the UK, Europe, South America, and the States, this international group of pixel pals had a taste for modern and vintage psychedelic rock that was right up my sonic alley. It seemed like every time I went there, I discovered my new favorite band, or at least a band I couldn’t live without hearing more of. The venue is the Glue House, and the folks who run it also run my favorite Internet radio station, GRRR Radio.

By the end of 2018, several regular weekly slots at Glue House had become open as people moved on to other things in life. I thought it might be fun to put together some music sets specifically for the Glue crew, sets focused on a massively broad genre I invented to cover everything I love about Glue House musical tastes: The Retro Psychedelic Garage. I also throw in some retro jams from a genre I file under Metal Shit, which includes music people call Doom Metal, and some rad instrumental music people have given the ridiculous label of Post-Rock. Spice up the mix with ska, hip-hop, industrial, piano ballads, songs about cats, and whatever musical obsessions I have that week. Throw it all in a blender and pour it right into your gluey little earholes!

Anyway, I got clearance to DJ at Glue House, and magical music powers from the club owner, and I started with the modest goal of doing every Tuesday in February to test the waters. It went well, and I signed up to do every Tuesday in March, too. Every Tuesday you’ve seen a “Glue” set posted, it’s the set I played that day at Glue House.

I might need to take April and May off to focus on my university coursework, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my two-month run at one of my favorite virtual venues and sharing the sets with you on this blog.



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patches and spittle at glue house mar 2019 (1).jpg

Glue8 is a 169-minute music set I streamed in March 2019. You can listen or download as an mp3 free of charge at:

The set list is available as a text file.

PBN Set 43: Glue8
March 2018

Clark S. Nova – Reborn Again
Nova Driver – Particle Explosion
Cherokees – I’ve Gone Wild
Tito & Tarantula – Wild Love
Answer – Memphis Water
Madilyn Bailey – Titanium
Cambrian Explosion – Crust of Theia
Albatross Overdrive – Calico
Rollins Band – Marcus Has the Evil in Him (live)
Urban Dance Squad – Good Grief
India/Tito Puente – Fever
Fumaça Preta – La Trampa
Mitch Hedberg – Pizza
Beastie Boys – An Open Letter to NYC
NaS & Damian Marley – Friends
Bassnectar – Do It Like This
Plump DJs – System Addict
Dope – You Spin Me Round
Black Angels – Surf City (Revisited)
Black Angels – Paladin’s Last Stand
Black Furs – Warm Satisfaction
Black Furs – Devil Got Me on the Road
Wayne Hancock – Goin’ to Texas When I’m Through
The (International) Noise Conspiracy – Smash It Up!/TV Eye (live)
Fugazi – Full Disclosure
Fugazi – Exit Only
John Prine – Please Don’t Bury Me
Bob Dylan – Tangled Up in Blue
Wayne Hancock – California Blues
Andromeda – Too Old
Andromeda – And Now the Sun Shines
Dogfeet – For Mary
Hard Meat – Through a Window
Colour Haze – Into Her Garden
Dwellers – Creature Comfort
Dwellers – Totem Crawler
Blind Faith – Do What You Like



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PBN SET 42: Glue7
MAR 2019

Listen or download the mp3 file. 113 minutes. 128 Kbps.
The set list is available as a text file.

Lemon Nash – Anybody Seen My Kitty
The Maharajas – Weekend Sparks
Miracle Workers – Rock’n Roll Revolution in the Streets Pt. 2
Miracle Workers – Just Can’t Find a Better Way to Waste Your Time
The Record Company – Off the Ground
Haxans – Professional Weirdo
Celldweller – Surgical
Scum of the Earth – Get Your Dead On
Working Man Noise Unit – Icegrill 420
Soulfly – No
Sepultura – Born Stubborn
Five Horse Johnson – Mississippi King
Dopefight – Specimen
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Belong
Scarling – Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole
Duel – This Old Crow
Shiverettes – Shout Your Assault
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Rich
The Factory – Try a Little Sunshine
Reverend Horton Heat – Loco Gringos Like a Party
Southern Culture on the Skids – White Trash
Buried Feather – Sun
Buried Feather – Weekends
Cambrian Explosion – Looming Eye
Stems – Mr Misery
Graham Day and the Gaolers – Better Man
Graham Day and the Gaolers – Begging You
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Simple And Sure
Night Beats – Power Child
Night Beats – No Cops
Dope Lemon – Stonecutters
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Art Smock



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PBN Set 24: Irish
March 2018

Listen or download the mp3 file. 139 minutes. 128 Kbps.
The set list is available as a text file.

Andy Irvine/Dónal Lunny/Kevin Burke/Paul Brady – Plains of Kildare
Gráda – Cathain
Sinéad O’Connor – The Foggy Dew
Al Petteway – Maggie’s Reel
Ivan Drever & Duncan Chisholm – Fiddle Reels : Maggie’s Pancakes / The Little Cascade
The Irish Drinking Song, Dancing, and Jig Band – Drowsy Maggie
Angelo Kelly and Family – I’ll Tell Me Ma
Mark Knopfler – The Lily of the West
Gráda – Pint of Reference: The Striking Clock/Pint of Reference/Men of Destiny
Clannad – Northern Skyline
The Davey Brothers – Maggie
Gráda – Seven of Eight
Gráda – Go N’Éirí an Bóthar Leat
Seo Linn – Óró Sé do Bheatha Bhaile
Galandum Galundaina – Fraile Cornudo
Galandum Galundaina – Dona Teresa
Irish Descendants – Come Out Ye Black and Tans
Fiddlers Green – Bugger Off
Flogging Molly – Rebels of the Sacred Heart
Flogging Molly – Queen Anne’s Revenge
Flogging Molly – The Light of a Fading Star
Ralph Stanley – Little Maggie
Dropkick Murphys – Beer, Beer, Beer
Dropkick Murphys – Barroom Heroes
Dropkick Murphys – Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced
Dropkick Murphys – Heroes from Our Past
Reverend Horton Heat – Baby I’m Drunk
Marianne Faithfull – Love Is Teasin’
Ry Cooder – Dunmore Lassies
Rising Appalachia – Handsome Molly
The Monroe Brothers – Goodbye, Maggie
Tommy Johnson – Maggie Campbell Blues
Pietasters – Maggie Mae
Bill Bourne & The Free Radio Band – Maggie’s Farm
The Davey Brothers – Maggie
Sam Cooke – Danny Boy
Mahavishnu Orchestra – A Lotus on Irish Streams
Subterranean Jazz – Irish Kid



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mags at glue house feb 2019

Glue6 is a 143-minute music set I streamed in March 2019. You can listen and download as an mp3 file free of charge at:

The set list is available as a text file.

MAR 2019

SNL – More Cowbell (excerpt)
VomitFace – Sloppy Joes
Dogs – John Rock Roll Sinclair
The The – Dogs of Lust
Mitch Hedberg – Death Metal
Black Market Karma – Jingle
If These Trees Could Talk – Solstice
Limiñanas – DownUnderground
Cambrian Explosion – Mugen = Mugen
Eden Rose – Faster And Faster
Elephant Stone – Don’t You Know
Comanechi – Love is the Cure
Pink Fits – I’m on the Red
Pearl Jam – All Night
The Flaming Sideburns – Let Me Go
The Freeks – Bitchin’
Ron Gallo – Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me
Temples – Shelter Song
Ty Segall – You’re the Doctor
King Khan and BBQ Show – Zombies
Puddy – I Gave You My Love, You Gave Me the Clap
The Datsuns – Freeze Sucker
The Shots – Keep a Hold of What You’ve Got
Smog – Wicked Man
Big Chief – Fresh Vines
The Flaming Sideburns – Funk 49 (James Gang)
Ron Gallo – Please Yourself
Ron Gallo – Put The Kids To Bed
Titanic – One Night in Eagle Rock
Sunsets – The Hot Generation
The Sacred Mushroom – I Don’t Like You
The Sacred Mushroom – You Won’t Be Sorry
Screen Vinyl Image – Lost in Repeat
Samsara Blues Experiment – Vipassana
Gallon Drunk – Before the Fire (excerpt)
Engelbert Humperdinck – Lesbian Seagull
If These Trees Could Talk – From Roots to Needles

illustrations from ‘art of birds’


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I recently shared a couple poems from the 1985 illustrated edition of Pablo Neruda’s poetry collection Art of Birds. I guess I got lucky last year, scoring an old library copy for less than $20, because prices on any edition of this book are now pretty steep. Here are four of Jack Unruh‘s bird drawings that accompany Jack Schmitt’s translations of the poems.

swan - jack unruh art of birds

black-necked swan

condor - jack unruh art of birds

andean condor

rush tyrant - jack unruh art of birds

many-colored rush-tyrant

caracara - jack unruh art of birds

chimango caracara



pablo neruda: mebird


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It looks like several people enjoyed the previous post featuring a poem about a bird from Pablo Neruda’s book, Art of Birds. I mentioned that all but the first and last poems in the collection are about one specific species of bird, but the second-to-last poem takes a liberty with that idea. In it, having painted dozens of magically expressive verbal portraits of birds, Neruda considers himself as a bird.

MeBird (Pablo insulidae nigra)

I am the Pablo Bird,
bird of a single feather,
a flier in the clear shadow
and obscure clarity,
my wings are unseen,
my ears resound
when I walk among the trees
or beneath the tombstones
like an unlucky umbrella
or a naked sword,
stretched like a bow
or round like a grape,
I fly on and on not knowing,
wounded in the dark night,
who is waiting for me,
who does not want my song,
who desires my death,
who will not know I’m arriving,
who will not come to subdue me,
to bleed me, to twist me,
or to kiss my clothes,
torn by the shrieking wind.

That’s why I come and go,
fly and don’t fly but sing:
I am the furious bird
of the calm storm.

pablo neruda: austral blackbird


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Last year, I got an illustrated hardcover edition of Pablo Neruda’s book, Art of Birds, translated by Jack Schmitt with drawings by Jack Unruh. It was a bit of an accident, since I thought I was ordering a bilingual edition, and I wish this volume included the original Spanish. But even without the originals, this is a very cool addition to my Neruda collection. Every poem (with the exception of the first and last) is about one specific species of bird, and many of them are right up there with Neruda’s best and more well-known poems.

The following poem is about the austral blackbird, which I had never heard of before, so here is a link to read a little more about this bird, see a picture, and listen to 30 seconds of its unique song.

Austral Blackbird (curaeus curaeus)

Whoever looks at me face-to-face
I shall kill with two knives,
with two furious lightning bolts:
with two icy black eyes.

I was not born for captivity.

I have a wild army,
a militant militia,
a battalion of black bullets:
no seeded field can withstand.

I fly, devour, screech, and move on,
rise and fall with a thousand wings:
nothing can stop my determination,
the black order of my feathers.

My soul is a burned log,
my plumage pure coal:
my soul and suit are black:
that’s why I dance in the white sky.

I am the Black Floridor.

free ebook giveaway through march 9


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From now through March 9, I’m giving away the following ebooks of fiction and poetry on Smashwords. Get one, get them all–pay nothing! All are available in epub and mobi formats.

Meteor Mags Omnibus Edition

Meteor Mags: The Battle of Vesta 4

Never See the Night

The Baby and the Crystal Cube

Anything Sounds Like a Symphony: Poetry at Maximum Volume

Animal Inside You: Poems of Chaos and Euphoria



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MAR. 2019

Listen or download the mp3 file free of charge at:. 141 minutes. 128 Kbps.
The set list is available as a text file.

My Bloody Valentine – Feed Me with Your Kiss
Screaming Trees – What Goes On (Velvet Underground)
The Act-Ups – I Can’t Stand It (Velvet Underground)
Joan Jett – Star Star (Rolling Stones)
The Poets – Baby Don’t You Do It
The Pretty Things – Midnight to Six
Eric Ambel & Roscoe’s Gang – Song for the Walls
The (International) Noise Conspiracy – Black Mask
Freddie & the Dreamers – I’m Telling You Now
Darker My Love – Pale Sun
Darker My Love – Helium Heels
Buffalo Fuzz – Hard Lovin’ Body
Buffalo – Pound of Flesh + Shylock
Electric Eye – Silent by the River
Electric Eye – Electric Eye
12 Rounds – Something’s Burning
98 Mute – Slow Motion Riot
OFF! – Red White And Black
Flogging Molly – Speed Of Darkness
The White Stripes – Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn
The White Stripes – Little Ghost
Henry Rollins – Ghost Rider (Suicide)
Mudhoney – Ghost
Red Fang – Flies
Sonic Youth – Renegade Princess
Robert Walter – Circle Limit
Long Beach Dub Allstars – Grass Cloud
Sublime – Free Loop Dub
Freddy McGregor – Bobby Bobylon
Joe Strummer – X-Ray Style
The Platters – (You’ve Got) The Magic Touch
Toubab Krewe – Wassoulou/Bani (Reprise)
Porcupine Tree – Piano Lessons
Screaming Trees – Freedom (Buffalo)



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June 2017

Listen or download the mp3 file. 81 minutes. 128 Kbps.
The set list is available as a text file.

Government Issue – Asshole
Kat McSnatch – You Are a Cunt
Exploited – Maggie You Cunt
Puma Broadcasting Network – Station ID 7
Rotting Out – No Clue
Agnostic Front – Liberty
Soulfly – Umbabarauma
Scum of the Earth – Get Your Dead On
Datsuns – MF from Hell
Nashville Pussy – Struttin’ Cock (Live In Weinheim, Germany)
Uma Thurman – I Am the High Fucking Priestess
Rise of the North Star – Welcame [Furyo State of Mind]
Joe Satriani – House Full of Bullets
Fu Manchu – Evil Eye
Novadriver – Deeper High
Mono Men – 54-40 or Fight
Harvey Rushmore & the Octopus – Octopus Ride
Phant – End of Daonnachta
Ed Special – Face the Music 30-Year Mix (partial)
Butthole Surfers – Tongue



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FEB 2019

Listen or download the mp3 file. 47 minutes. 128 Kbps.
The set list is available as a text file.

Techno Party Style – Happy Birthday
Mr. Rogers – Happy Birthday
Soundgarden – Birth Ritual
Fugazi – Birthday Pony
Queens of the Stone Age – How to Handle a Rope (A Lesson in the Lariat)
Kyuss – Happy Birthday
Rotting Out – Born
X – How I Learned My Lesson (Live)
La De Das – How is the Air up There
Suicidal Tendencies – How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
Eric Cartman – How Would You Like to Suck My Balls
Matt Monro – Born Free
Alice in Wonderland – The Unbirthday Song
Crystal Method – Born Too Slow
Thievery Corporation – Rebirth (Feat. A Forest Mighty Black)
Dolly Parton/Willie Nelson – Happy, Happy Birthday Baby (Live)



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FEB 2019

Listen or download the mp3 file. 124 minutes. 128 Kbps.
The set list is available as a text file.

Monkees – Me and Magdalena
Contours – Do You Love Me
The Attack – Magic in the Air
The Volcanics – Get a Move On
France Gall – Les Sucettes
Wand – M.E. (Gary Numan)
Heritage Blues Orchestra – Catfish Blues
Sam Kinison – Love Song (live)
F-Minus – Suburban Blight
Bass Drum of Death – For Blood
Yak – Harbour The Feeling
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Weapon of Choice (UK Version)
The Heavy – That Kind of Man
Red Fang – This Animal
MC5 – Call Me Animal
Ruts – Babylon’s Burning
Upbeat – She Go
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – Global A-Go-Go
Jungle Fire – Jambú
Vaudou Game – Elle Décide
Nick Cave – Fire Down Below
July – The Way
Les Fleur De Lys – Mud in Your Eye
Les Fleur De Lys – Gong with the Luminous Noise
Eric Burdon – Devil Run
Albert Cummings – Your Sweet Love
Johnny Mathis – Gina
Black Doldrums – Dreamcatcher
All Them Witches – Alabaster
Rising Appalachia – Handsome Molly
Lillasyster – Nu Har Jag Fått Nog (Akustisk)
Seo Linn – Óró Sé do Bheatha Bhaile
Pumarosa – Priestess
Skeeter Davis – The End of the World



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PBN Set 37: Glue3
Feb 2019

Listen or download the mp3 file. 152 minutes. 128 Kbps.
The set list is available as a text file.

A Cappella Barbershop Quartet – Hello My Baby
The Turbo A.C.s – Collision Course
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – Pretty Vacant (Sex Pistols)
Darker My Love – Blue Day
Asteroid #4 – Let It Go
Axiom Funk – Cosmic Slop (feat. Material)
Buddy Guy – Smell the Funk
The M and S Band – Egg Roll
Napo De Mi Amor et Ses Black Devils – Leki Santchi
Sleater Kinney – Ironclad
Tito & Tarantula – After Dark (Single Version)
Tito & Tarantula – Crack In The World
Crystal Caravan – We Always Lose
Crystal Caravan – Love and Direction
Masters Apprentices – Buried And Dead
The Eyes – When The Night Falls
Not Ur Girlfrenz – I Will Follow (U2)
Pearl Jam – World Wide Suicide
Mudhoney – On the Move
Screaming Trees – Paperback Bible
Shack – 24 Hours
Toadies – Sweetness
Big Organ Trio – Diva Mode
Barrington Davis – Raining Teardrops
Happy Go Blues – Mountain Girl
Psychic Lemon – Hey Droog
Albatross Overdrive – Viking
Scorpion Child – Liquor
Red Sparowes – The Great Leap Forward Poured Down Upon Us One Day
Burt Shepard – Has Anybody Seen Our Cat
If These Trees Could Talk – Barren Lands of the Modern Dinosaur
Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree –
Every Night I Walk The Same Train Of Thought
Tuber – Sex And Depression
War – Slippin Into Darkness
Small Faces – Itchycoo Park
Shirley Temple – On The Good Ship Lollipop