Meteor Mags: Red Metal at Dawn and Other Tales of Interplanetary Piracy



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The first ten Meteor Mags stories are now collected in a 400-page illustrated book: Red Metal at Dawn and Other Tales of Interplanetary Piracy. You can find it on that glorious bastion of twenty-first century capitalism,, in both paperback and Kindle formats. You can even find it on iTunes.

The paperback is big, beautiful, and banned in The Asteroid Belt! Pick up a copy today, or else Patches will be sad and claw all your furniture to shreds. Vivan las anarquistas!



Space pirate, anarchist, pole dancer, tobacco smuggler, and rock’n’roll rebel: Meteor Mags blazes through the solar system in a series of adventures with her foul-mouthed nephew, Tarzi, and her adorably indestructible cat, Patches. Join Meteor Mags, her best friend Celina, and her band The Psycho 78s on the asteroid mining frontier of the near future, where mayhem abounds and the heroes aren’t always good!

By 2027, gravity control has made asteroid mining a major industry. Meteor Mags and her crew rock The Belt, raging against the forces of law and order, hijacking cargo ships, and selling illegal music. Until they come face-to-face with an alien invasion.

Meteor Mags confronts reptiles from space, a telepathic kraken in a genetics lab, and a horrifying robotic version of herself. She rescues a pirate radio DJ and a group of young women who join her at Club Assteroid on the asteroid Vesta 4. Between bar fights and smuggling runs, the spirit of her great-grandmother Mad Dog Mags, an eighteenth-century pirate, gives her guidance and protection.

Meteor Mags is vehemently pro-cat, ardently anti-fascist, and always up for rum or weapons testing. Too loving to be a heartless criminal and too degenerate to be a radical feminist, Mags uses her wits, bravery, and vintage arsenal to carve her own violent brand of justice on the solar system. She comes from a line of women known for piracy, revolution, and mysteriously long lives. And no one knows for sure why she has a tail!

The ten short stories collected in Red Metal at Dawn blend historical fiction with the wild energy of Jack Kirby-style comic books and pulp science fiction. Read it in Paperback or Kindle and see why Meteor Mags materials have been banned in The Asteroid Belt since 2029! Also Available on iTunes!



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A secret kept in silence too many years becomes art
It finds its frame in hopes you refused to abandon
Visitors come and go, but they can only see the outside
Bystanders, photographers always on the other side of the lens
Forever outside the frame

Here and there you bled for every brush stroke
On those days when you could hardly hold the brush
You filled your galleries with triumphs and failures
Because nothing mattered but the attempt
Anything less would be unthinkable

When they ask you why, you will confess you had to
Some choices we cannot make
Some denials we cannot give
Some lights we cannot refuse to see
They shine no matter what

This, then, is your gift, your present
To forge the past into something new
To hang the truth in galleries
And answer every question
Without ever saying a word



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Radial symmetry wishes it could shatter
Into something unpredictable
Like a wheelbarrow full of discarded kaleidoscopes

Agate sparkles, irresponsibly stolen
From some place with too many rules
Even a dull stone shines when drowned

Time is nothing until we polish it
Lacquered scrapbooks and laminated memories
We start with chaos and make it fit a narrative

Even a cliché sounds meaningful
When you scream it over a backbeat
Drenched in jangling, swirling noise

Unexpected winds obscure the desert peaks with a fog
Made from dirt and dust, debris
The city’s detritus and spineless topsoil

Flowers that only bloom once a decade
Hang on for dear life to their vicious stems
Sometimes you want to save them

But it would only end in blood, pierced flesh, and pain
They demand we leave them to their fate
And who are we to argue?

cactus flower - small copy




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In the dark days before your birth
No one ever sang a lullaby

Mastodons pounded the earth
Smilodons destroyed the small things
The moving things, the tremors in the underbrush
Those who would not let them sleep

Brutes without names hoarded bear skulls
Flint shards fell into dirt forgotten
Like a thousand unloved blades
But no one sang

Perhaps the birds inspired you
Their incomprehensible stories
Giving rise to your first song
Or the cub in your arms called to you

Drawing out symbols
Syllables and melodies without antecedent
Language with no narrative
Rhythms without boundaries

We admit no night of terror
We accept no lightless wasteland of despair
We only know surrender to each other
To this sound, your song, your serenade

You belong with me
As does your lullaby

The Lost Crew of the Volya IX


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The newest Meteor Mags story begins where the book Red Metal at Dawn ended. The adventure continues! Read it here: The Lost Crew of the Volya IX

And thus rewarded are our toils, that having vanquished lawlessness and dark, we have forged great flaming wings for our nation and this age of ours! —Monument to the Conquerors of Space, 1964



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Patchwork princess, none of your pieces belong
Thrown together like houses colliding in a hurricane
You walking disaster of color and texture and form

You summoned every storm
A herald of chaos and creative rage
Shining like nothing had before

None could match your beauty
No one could douse your flames
Stitched together like memories that never happened

You walked this earth like you owned it
Never doubting it all belonged to you
And who could tell you otherwise?

Queen of the calicos
You destroyed the monochrome
With splashes of coffee and chocolate

Refusing to conform
Denying the accident
You embraced the random, obliterating bliss

That confined us to birth and death
That carved our lives into meaningless statues
You stood solid, proud, defiant

In your coat of stolen glories
You dared everything to live
Claws and shadows and songs no one had ever sung

patches on turntables - draft - Copy

john constantine 1994


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john constantine card 1994_0001

While re-reading the entire Sandman series from Vertigo this weekend, I found this John Constantine trading card from 1994. It had been safely encased in the original sealed plastic envelope for more than two decades now, like some kind of hell-blazing time capsule. So, what the heck. Why not rip that puppy out and put it on the Internet?

john constantine card 1994_0002

Origin of Galactus


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We posted these pages in serialized form in the early days of this blog, but that’s proven inconvenient for people searching for this entire epic. Here they are, all in one spot for those legions of internet users who want to know the answer to the most burning question in the universe: Where the heck did Galactus come from?!

Super Villain Classics #1 (1983) compiled pages from even older Thor comics by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Some supplemental art and dialogue was added to streamline the story into one coherent narrative. Are you interested in those original Thor issues? Check our archives for samples of Thor #162 here and here! Super Villain Classics #1 was reprinted in 1996 as Galactus the Origin.


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