Meteor Mags: Red Metal at Dawn and Other Tales of Interplanetary Piracy



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The first ten Meteor Mags stories are now collected in a 400-page illustrated book: Red Metal at Dawn and Other Tales of Interplanetary Piracy. You can find it on that glorious bastion of twenty-first century capitalism,, in both paperback and Kindle formats. You can even find it on iTunes.

The paperback is big, beautiful, and banned in The Asteroid Belt! Pick up a copy today, or else Patches will be sad and claw all your furniture to shreds. Vivan las anarquistas!



Space pirate, anarchist, pole dancer, tobacco smuggler, rock’n’roll rebel: Meteor Mags blazes through the solar system in a series of adventures with her foul-mouthed nephew, Tarzi, and her adorably indestructible cat, Patches. Join Meteor Mags, her best friend Celina, and her band The Psycho 78s on the asteroid mining frontier of the near future, where mayhem abounds and the heroes aren’t always good!

By 2027, gravity control made asteroid mining a major industry. Meteor Mags and her crew rock The Belt, raging against the forces of law and order, hijacking cargo ships, and selling illegal music. Until they come face-to-face with an alien invasion.

Meteor Mags confronts reptiles from space, a telepathic kraken in a genetics lab, and a horrifying robotic version of herself. She rescues a pirate radio DJ and a group of young women who join her at Club Assteroid on the asteroid Vesta 4. Between bar fights and smuggling runs, the spirit of her great-grandmother Mad Dog Mags, an eighteenth-century pirate, gives her guidance and protection.

Meteor Mags is vehemently pro-cat, ardently anti-fascist, and always up for rum or weapons testing. Too loving to be a heartless criminal and too degenerate to be a radical feminist, Mags uses her wits, bravery, and vintage arsenal to carve her own violent brand of justice on the solar system. She comes from a line of women known for piracy, revolution, and mysteriously long lives. And no one knows for sure why she has a tail!

The ten short stories collected in Red Metal at Dawn blend historical fiction with the wild energy of Jack Kirby-style comic books and pulp science fiction. Read it in Paperback or Kindle and see why Meteor Mags materials have been banned in The Asteroid Belt since 2029! Also Available on iTunes!

pan astral: mary can dream cd


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pan astral mary can dream cd (2)

Above, you see a scan of the Pan Astral set list from their concert at the Crescent Ballroom in downtown Phoenix on February 17, 2015. My friend Kipp played bass on the Mary Can Dream album, shown below, and toured with the band for a time. I was thrilled to accept his offer of a spot on the guest list for this show. Pan Astral’s 45-minute set was uplifting, dynamic, and melodic.

Of the album tracks, I feel like Under the Water best captures the live energy of the quartet, but several more of these cuts stayed in heavy rotation on my personal playlists for months. For $8 you can pick up this album directly from Pan AstralYou can sample it and their other projects on the Pan Astral YouTube channel.

pan astral mary can dream cd (3)

pan astral mary can dream cd (4)

pan astral mary can dream cd (5)

pan astral mary can dream cd (6)

hoven droven: groove cd


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Long live the glorious island republic of Scandanavia. They make some awesome music there. What’s that you say? You can’t find it on a map? Then try this one.

I started to get a clue about what a Scandanavia is right about the time I heard Hoven Droven’s tune SlentBjenn for the first time. Taking the energy of a rock band, adding fiddle and saxophone, and drawing on folk material, Hoven Droven lays down some seriously heavy grooves with beautiful melodies.

Below, you will see scans of their album Groove, which you can score on Amazon, and the first Nordic Roots sampler that features one of their tunes. If you want to get totally Scandanavian, Nordic Roots put out a second and third sampler of awesome bands from the region.

hoven droven groove cd (2)

hoven droven groove cd (3)

hoven droven groove cd (4)

nordic roots compilation cd (2)

nordic roots compilation cd (3)

nordic roots compilation cd (4)

art blakey afro-drum ensemble: the african beat cd


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art blakey afro-drum ensemble african beat cd (2)

In 1962, Art Blakey recorded The African Beat not with his quintessentially swinging Jazz Messengers but a percussion ensemble. Yusef Lateef, who also recorded modern jazz albums using Asian and African ideas, joins the ensemble. The result is a sumptuously rhythmic album that often gets overlooked, perhaps due to its defiance of easy categorization.

Nat Hentoff’s liner notes give a brief but enlightening explanation of the music’s sources and the musicians’ cultural backgrounds. I recommend The African Beat for fans of jazz, percussion, “world” music, and African music. Fans of jazz/rock fusions and prog rock might also like this album, if they want to expand their listening into some other types of musical fusion.

Get a copy from Amazon.

art blakey afro-drum ensemble african beat cd (3)

art blakey afro-drum ensemble african beat cd (4)

teenage mutant ninja turtles 50 treasury edition


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teenage mutant ninja turtles 50 treasury (2)

Okay, this was a cool idea: reprinting the original pencil art and layouts for the fiftieth issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. IDW has been printing over-sized “artists” version for a few years, volumes which feature original unfinished artwork.

But I have to admit I would have preferred seeing the published art at this impressive size. The book rivals the old Marvel Treasury Editions in size, but it sort of feels like an “extras” DVD that came without the original movie. I sold it to a TMNT collector who could truly appreciate it, thanks to my glorious eBay empire. Here are some photos so you can peak inside.

teenage mutant ninja turtles 50 treasury (3)

teenage mutant ninja turtles 50 treasury (4)

teenage mutant ninja turtles 50 treasury (5)

teenage mutant ninja turtles 50 treasury (6)

teenage mutant ninja turtles 50 treasury (7)

teenage mutant ninja turtles 50 treasury (8)

teenage mutant ninja turtles 50 treasury (9)

teenage mutant ninja turtles 50 treasury (10)

teenage mutant ninja turtles 50 treasury (11)

teenage mutant ninja turtles 50 treasury (12)

teenage mutant ninja turtles classics vol 8


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teenage mutant ninja turtles classics vol 8 (1)

IDW did a lovely job reprinting older Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stories in several formats. This trade paperback “Classics Volume 8” collects part of Mirage Studios second volume of TMNT in the 1990s.

I never saw the originals, so I picked this up to see what that series was like. I wasn’t super hyped about it, but it does have some cool Jim Lawson artwork, as you can see in these photos I took before selling it in my glorious eBay empire.


teenage mutant ninja turtles classics vol 8 (3)

teenage mutant ninja turtles classics vol 8 (4)

teenage mutant ninja turtles classics vol 8 (5)

teenage mutant ninja turtles classics vol 8 (6)


teenage mutant ninja turtles classics vol 8 (8)

teenage mutant ninja turtles classics vol 8 (9)

teenage mutant ninja turtles classics vol 8 (10)

teenage mutant ninja turtles classics vol 8 (2)

throw another comic book on the bonfire


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Now, now. Don’t really go burning comic books… unless you post a video of it on youtube, and then we’d like a hyperlink. Here is a quick rundown of goodies currently up for sale in my glorious eBay empire.


New Gods #9 has seen better days. If it does not sell in the next 24 hours it might go back in the box of “cool old comics with historical interest but not much street value.” It’s the issue that got me into this series, and the Bug’s pathos-drenched speech is a favorite comic book monologue of mine.


Issues of this Elektra limited series used to be priced higher, but they’ve come way way down since it got reprinted in TPB editions. I have the TPB and thought a 99 cent auction of a set of 6 of the 8 issues might get a bite, but no luck so far. Miller and Sienkiewicz offer up a mix of action-movie firepower and hallucinogenic sequences of mental illness, medication, and demons from hell. It’s a wild story.


The Essential Iron Fist Vol. 1 “phone book” style reprint includes all the legendary Claremont/Byrne issues. They don’t rock my world as much as they did when I was a teenager, but I got this to just be able to sit down and read them all in order in one go for once in my life! Mission accomplished.


Turtle Soup is a cool one-shot that belongs in any true Ninja Turtles fan’s collection. It has a cool dream sequence by Steve Bissette, which we’ve posted scans of before.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #9 and #10 should get a bite at 99 cents. The spines have a few creases, but the three-page splash fold-out in #10 is a thing of wonder. I’ve posted scans from it before, and hope it finds a good home now.


This first issue of Punisher War Journal features some of the earliest work Jim Lee produced for Marvel Comics, along with Carl “Alien Legion” Potts. It’s pretty good, but I think a true Punisher afficionado will appreciate it more than me. I put it up at 99 cents, but it looks like current eBay sales are between $10 and $20 for this one. We’ll see how it does.


Gobbledygook is another Ninja Turtles-related treasure from Mirage Studios in the late 1980s. It’s a sprawling affair with “pin-up” Turtle art, stories from various artists, and lots of non-turtle weirdness. I thought it would sell pretty fast at 99 cents, but it hasn’t seen any action after 3 weeks. Peeps don’t know what they’re missing here.


Last but not least, I listed a 7-issue Avengers run that includes the complete Red Zone storyline. The art is super cool, and the story of a red cloud of infectious agents released from a lab under Mount Rushmore is pretty compelling. Plus, She Hulk totally rages out of control, and Black Panther gets fed up with Red Skull’s racist nonsense and punches his bloody jaw right off his face. I doubt the eBay market is looking for this item right now, but the story is too good to consign to the trade-in pile just yet.

virtual viking funeral of comic books


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Okay, if you really want to make this a viking funeral, take your monitor or mobile device and set it on fire. Otherwise, let’s just take a nostalgically informal tour through my recent eBay sales.


Clutch is one of my favorite rocks bands, and this album has some great jams on it. (My favorite album of theirs is Blast Tyrant.) The buyer turned out to be a huge Static-X fan, and was very excited about the Wayne Static postcard included in this shipment.


I got lucky and found these two issues of Freak Brothers years ago for 50 cents each, so I made a few bucks on these in the auction. This stuff cracks me up.


I got this historic appearance of Wolverine for free from MyComicShop thanks to the affiliate program on this blog and my angelic readers who click through links to buy comics. I thought I’d make $10 or so in auction, but someone walked away with a sweet deal on this at 99 cents final bid. Plus, I packed a few extra 90s-era X-men goodies with shiny silvery covers. The buyer called it the best eBay transaction ever and effusively praised me and my ability to totally rock. LOL. It was nice, and even if I made zero dollars it was fun to spread the joy of comics across the globe.


I’ve posted scans of Michael Zulli’s work on these three issues of Ninja Turtles, and they get a stupid amount of page views sometimes. Why? Because they’re friggin’ awesome, that’s why. These would have a higher resale value if the covers didn’t have visible wear, and the buyer again walked away with a steal of a deal getting them for less than $2.


These babies retail for $10-15 a piece in this condition, but they don’t sell very fast. So I opened the auction at 99 cents, and someone got a murderous deal at less than $5 for the set. Rick Veitch did the story in these three issues, and it has some of my favorite pages from the original Mirage Studios series.


This 2009 edition of The Arabian Nights is a gorgeous hardcover production complete with gilded page edges, a cloth bookmark, and full-color illustrations. I read a few, and felt the repeated abuse and sexual enslavement of women did not make for entertaining reading. Even the consensual sex in here is described using the language of violence. It’s neat to look at this as a reference on an ancient culture, but it just made me think the culture in question was full of ***holes. Sold for 99 cents!


I was excited about IDW bringing the Turtles back, until these first issues turned out to be a kind of rehashed origin story with changes that seemed utterly pointless. I love these covers, but honestly I’d rather have them as posters than be reading the series. Fortunately, they’ve retained their resale value, and someone overseas will be enjoying them for what I paid for them brand new a few years ago.


Like Arabian Nights, Jules Verne’s story Tigers and Traitors (which you might also see referred to as The Steam House) kind of convinced me that people of history were total ***holes. On the other hand, by being everything I did NOT want in a story, it helped me define my own kind of ultimate story. A story where the women kick ass, the cats totally destroy and reign supreme, and imperialists are crushed beneath the bloody heels of the rebellion. You know, a happy story!


I expected that everyone who wants a copy of Old Man Logan already has it, considering how popular it was and how many printings the issues went through. But, even though my collection of the complete story included some well-worn early issues, it turns out most of the Old Man Logan issues are worth more than their original sales price in VF+ or better. I got nearly $40 for the set on a 99-cent auction, and stuffed the envelope full of all the Wolverine-related items it could hold.


Last but not least, I sold four individual issues from the original New Gods series by Jack Kirby. I had assembled a nice but affordable set of these in VG+ to FN condition over the years, but the glossy five-issue reprint is good enough for me. My favorite issues are #6, #7 and #9, so I put the rest of them up at 99 cents each. #1 still has a decent street value even in a somewhat battered VG condition, with a final bid of about $14.





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