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john cassaday’s captain america tribute

john cassaday captain america funeral (2)

If every dark cloud has a silver lining, then Captain America’s funeral was the silver lining of his death a few years ago. Well, the silver lining would have been the gut-wrenching epic of the surrounding 50 or so issues of Captain America with Ed Brubaker at the helm. So, let us just say this funeral full of Cap memorials by John Cassaday is not the silver lining. It is the vibranium-adamantium alloy lining. If you know why such an alloy is relevant here, you spend entirely too much time reading Marvel Comics. Welcome to our world.

These pages come from the fifth and final issue of Jeph Loeb’s Captain America: Fallen Son; Marvel Comics, 2007.


john cassaday captain america funeral (4)

john cassaday captain america funeral (5)

john cassaday captain america funeral (7)

john cassaday captain america funeral (8)

john cassaday captain america funeral (9)

cassette tape nostalgia

Although you can now download these two albums in mp3 versions which sound better than my old cassettes, I’ve held on to them sentimentally. They are among my favorite hard rock albums of the 1980s, along with 13 Songs by Fugazi, Bleach by Nirvana, and Louder than Love by Soundgarden.

Here are the Amazon download links.
Rollins Band: Do It
Screaming Trees: Buzz Factory

rollins band do it cassette 1

I don’t have any certification or evidence that Henry Rollins really did sign this copy of Do It. I can’t prove its authenticity. But I can tell you that in the mid-to-late 1990s in the rock and roll blur that was my twenties, I was in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I heard Rollins come and speak at the amazing Michigan Theatre several times. On one of his tours, he did a book signing right across the street at the Borders bookstore. I went to that signing and asked him to sign my copy of Do It which was and still is my favorite Rollins Band album.

screaming trees buzz factory cassette 1

The inlay to the Screaming Trees tape has obvious wear. You can see the dirt and what appears to be moisture damage to the paper. That’s exactly what it is, and the same goes for the Do It inlay. I never spilled anything on these but they did endure some humid and inclement weather in my old truck when I was travelling back and forth across the country for 15 years as if there was actually something out there worth driving to. Now I am a cynical old bastard who doesn’t even have a cassette player.

screaming trees buzz factory cassette 2

The last time I played these tapes was 2009. I played them on a dual cassette deck with a USB output and digitized them into glorious mp3 files. Yeah it was kind of a waste of time since I could download them now from Amazon or something, but it verified they play. Since then, for 6 years, they have been stored indoors, free from inclement weather, on my bookshelves with the rest of my pirate treasure AARRRR! You can see there is a little wear to the text on the cassettes, but you can easily read all the song titles and stuff, and the tapes themselves are in amazingly clean and solid shape for being jesus i don’t know more than 20 or 30 years old now.

“It’s a one way ride to the end of the universe.” – mark lanegan

screaming trees buzz factory cassette 3

rollins band do it cassette 2

rollins band do it cassette 3

six states: michigan


In a gesture of welcome, Michigan puts on its most brilliant thundercloud display, and you, you jaded bastard, would have hardly noticed. She’s never seen clouds like this on the coast, the rolling, cascading towers in the air. Through her eyes you see it fresh, and you recall in an instant how you once lived life in awe and wonder. How dare you ever forget?

Just for the fun of it, you stay at the sleaziest motel in town until she catches a train back to the coast in three days. The Harmony House, rumored to be many things, immediately earns the nickname Harlotry House. You spend nights reading Kerouac and Cohen and each other by candlelight until your bodies follow their course. Thousands of miles from all the surroundings in which you met, you share your words, your lives, your bodies, your secrets, your wishes.

You take her to Lake Pickerel on an overcast day, the only place where you can go skinny dipping at three in the afternoon. It’s a weekday, and you have the lake all to yourselves. You entertain her by jumping naked off the dock into the water over and over, giggling like an idiot.

The perfect water. The perfect solitude. The view and its reflections a perfect mirror. She says, “This is what I’m going to look back and remember—this lake.” And you—you’re going to try to remember every last bit of it.


Mars Will Send No More:

A look inside a vintage issue of Kamandi, featuring the awe-inspiring extermination of Morticoccus… The Ultimate GERM!

Originally posted on Longbox Graveyard:

Longbox Graveyard #143

Welcome to the Dollar Box, where I look at single comics issues or short runs of books that had an original cover price of a dollar or less. This time I turn my attention to Jack Kirby’s Kamandi — the last boy on Earth!

Kamandi #10, Jack Kirby

If Wikipedia can be trusted, Kamandi was born when DC Comics failed to land the Planet of the Apes license, and turned to Jack Kirby to create something similar. You can almost imagine the conversation, with Carmine Infantino saying, “Jack, can you do us a Planet of the Apes strip?” and Jack saying, “Never saw the movie — what’s it about?” Carmine: “A ruined future, where men are beasts and humanoid apes rule.” Jack: “Got it!” Of course, Kirby wasn’t going to content himself with drawing a bunch of human actors in ape-face. Jack’s post-apocalyptic world of tomorrow would be ruled…

View original 1,307 more words

Weird War Tales 25

vintage dc weird war tales_0001

We hope you’ve enjoyed revisiting Weird War Tales with us this month. We’ve posted many vignettes from this series over the past four years, and have now reached the end of our collection! We sold the last of them on eBay in 2014, but they live on in the digital archives of Mars Will Send No More.

Here are a few pages from Weird War Tales #25. Other than the wonderful cover, the stand-out of this issue is the rugged yet sumptuous artwork by Alfredo Alcala in the George Kashdan story, Black Magic-White Death! This issue also contained another fun Kashdan story called The Unseen Warriors with art by Alex Nino.

vintage dc weird war tales_0002

vintage dc weird war tales_0003

vintage dc weird war tales_0004

And that brings our Martian catalog of Weird War Tales to a close… unless of course you want to send us a box with more inside it! Long Live the Resistance!

sketchbook sundays

wayne static x inked-v2bw - Copy

Wayne Static of Static X happily plays his flying V guitar at the 2009 Download Festival in this ink drawing based on a photograph by deviantart user astrocreep2236.

Pigma Micron 05 fine point pen and Sharpie marker (chisel tip) on 80 lb drawing paper. From a high res (300 dpi) scan.

We made this image available as posters, framed prints, or greeting cards.

amazing heroes 58: alan moore interview

amazing heroes 58 (3)

This 1984 interview with Alan Moore comes from Amazing Heroes #58.
It features an introduction by Kim Thompson and a portrait of Moore by Steve Bissette.

amazing heroes 58 (4)

amazing heroes 58 (5)

amazing heroes 58 (2)


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