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vintage dc weird war tales_0001

We hope you’ve enjoyed revisiting Weird War Tales with us this month. We’ve posted many vignettes from this series over the past four years, and have now reached the end of our collection! We sold the last of them on eBay in 2014, but they live on in the digital archives of Mars Will Send No More.

Here are a few pages from Weird War Tales #25. Other than the wonderful cover, the stand-out of this issue is the rugged yet sumptuous artwork by Alfredo Alcala in the George Kashdan story, Black Magic-White Death! This issue also contained another fun Kashdan story called The Unseen Warriors with art by Alex Nino.

vintage dc weird war tales_0002
vintage dc weird war tales_0003
vintage dc weird war tales_0004

And that brings our Martian catalog of Weird War Tales to a close — unless of course you want to send us a box with more inside it!