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swamp thing 75-001

Swamp Thing #75, part of Rick Veitch’s run on the title, remains a favorite of ours due to the lavishly large panels full of Swampy’s psychedelic ponderings on life, the universe, and everything. Swamp Thing sits down and grows a bigger brain to consider a thorny problem; namely, how to find a host for the spirit of the next elemental force of The Green. Long-time fans will know this elemental force eventually takes the form of his daughter, a character Brain K. Vaughn would develop in his time on the series.

We recently sold our Swamp Thing comics collection on eBay but had to scan this bad boy before it went off to its new home. Enjoy!

Collector’s Guide:
– From Swamp Thing #75; DC Comics, 1988. Written by Rick Veitch, with art by Veitch and Alfredo Alcala.