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It’s no secret Dreadstar is our favorite story of all time. We got hooked by the six-issue reprint Dreadstar and Company, right off the newstand at the drugstore. Then we graduated to the direct market series Dreadstar on high quality paper and chronicling our heroes’ further efforts to stop a centuries-old galactic war. Later, the series moved to First Comics. Our heroes finally saved the galaxy — only to have the rug pulled out from under them again! Brutal!

In this excerpt, Vanth tells his comrades about his previous experience with galactic war. It did not have a happy ending! SAY GOOD-BYE TO THE MILKY WAY GALAXY! Jim Starlin summarizes the chapters of Metamorphosis Odyssey serialized in Epic Illustrated #1-9 in Vanth’s flashback here.

If you’d like to read the first few awe-inspiring installments of the original black-and-white series, click Metamorphosis Odyssey.