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gi joe yearbook silent story_0024

The G.I. Joe Yearbook #3 has a publication date of 1987, exactly three years after the fan-favorite “silent issue,” G.I. Joe #21 (available in our archives.) You can get the former for about a dollar, but the latter will cost you a little more!

The scene featuring attackers on a subway — carrying screwdrivers as weapons — recalls the story of Barney Goetz, which was a big deal in American news in the mid-80s. Other cultural highlights of this silent story include discovering what kind of underwear the Baroness wears. Really!

We also included Mike Zeck’s back cover to the issue and a light-hearted short story about war and pizza. The rest of this issue featured an article about G.I. Joe on television, splash-page art, and a plot synopsis of the ongoing storyline in the regular G.I. Joe title that year. The latter resembles Marvel’s more recent “Saga of…” publications distributed in comic shops that get readers caught up on the often-convoluted back stories of popular characters.

Credits: G.I. Joe Yearbook #3; Marvel Comics, 1987.
Hush Job!” Written by Larry Hama. Art by Ron Wagner and Kim DeMulder.
“My Dinner with Serpentor!” Written by Larry Hama. Art by Mike Zeck and Dennis Janke.