sketchbook sundays

painted dancer 2 - Copy

This week, we recreated an ink drawing from last year. The paper size on the original was slightly irregular, so we wanted to make one that would perfectly fit a 6×8 mat in an 8×10 frame. The dimensions on the image above are 5×7, a convenient size for printing cards, but the original is 6×8.

Then we wrapped up this portrait of Sandra Rose from last week. Sandra loves metal and metal heads and dreams of uniting the people of the world in one giant mosh pit. Starting with her photo reference, we gave her a black rose tattoo based on some anarchist symbolism, the pirate’s jolly roger, and some bottles of booze, cards, and coins in the background.

sandra rose - Copy

Clicking the images above will bring up the pages where you can buy them as prints. This summer, we anticipate framing 10-15 of these 6×8 pieces and listing them on eBay.

Revisiting an earlier drawing gave us a moment to reflect on the role these weekly postings have played in our development, that luxury of the blogging world which our friends at Longbox Graveyard jokingly call self-indulgent navel gazing. But recently, someone mentioned they “didn’t get” blogging. Having kept a number of journals, dream journals, sketchbooks, musical recordings, and blogs over the years, we can say there is a definite benefit to making journal entries regularly, especially if you are artistically-inclined or working on a project.

When we started doing 4×6 ink drawings last year, they were coming out pretty rough. We were merely exploring possibilities with our new pens. But recently, and with the addition of mats and frames, the 6x8s and 9x12s are starting to look pretty good on the wall. Visitors say nice things about them, a few of them sold, and even our landlord says we’re starting to get good lol. Having a weekly check-in for ‘sketchbook sundays’ has helped us keep improving. More than once, we have caught ourselves on a Saturday with nothing drawing-related to show for the week, and it gives us a push to get into creative mode. It isn’t like anyone who drops by our anarchic little blog is going to send us hate mail if we miss a week, but little checkpoints each week have helped us stick with it and pursue our illustrative fantasies.

sketchbook sundays

This week was the last week of our semester, so not much sketching happened. But, we got started on a portrait of Sandra, by special request. Here’s a close up of a section of the 6×8 in progress.


A new frame and mat arrived for our 9×12 drawing of Meteor Mags playing piano. So, we put some finishing touches on it by adding a signature and, with a white gel pen, a multitude of stars in her sky.


The frame is 11×14 brown wood with a figured black interior edge.


sketchbook sundays

diving frog 2 - Copy

This little frog revisits a 4×6 drawing we did with our very first set of fine point pens in March, 2013. This one is bigger at 6×8, though the image above is cropped to 5×7. It uses more solid black in the background, but the frog is pretty much the same. The original 4×6, below, sold on eBay in a basic black frame. The new one is better, so we don’t miss it anymore.

frog card - Copy

We didn’t post it last week so here is a new illustration for one of the Meteor Mags stories. It was fun to produce. It began with posing for the shot, so yeah it’s sort of a self portrait. But with more awesome hair.

This was the first time we used a white gel pen to put some stars in the sky. For a guide, we studied the stars on the cover of Iron Man #215, shown below. That’s a book we bought at the drug store in the mid 1980s, and we’ll feature it here at MWSNM sometime.


rima the jungle girl 7

rima jungle girl dc comics_0091

Buy original copies of Rima The Jungle Girl.

rima the jungle girl 5

rima jungle girl dc comics_0066

This was the first issue of Rima we ever read. We scored it in a 50 cent or 25 cent bin in our first year as comic bloggers. It made us want to read more about this white-haired woman who befriended all animals and feared nothing.

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rima the jungle girl 4

rima jungle girl dc comics_0051

Buy original copies of Rima The Jungle Girl.

rima the jungle girl 3

rima jungle girl dc comics_0044

This issue of Rima features an appearance from one of our all-time favorite characters: a puma.

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