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while my guitar gently annihilates proof cd 1

This will be fun. Amazon doesn’t have the pages for this and the other new album yet, but probably will this coming week.

while my guitar gently annihilates proof cd 2

sketchbook sunday


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Making art quickly makes chaos out of your walls. Things get hung at random and, over the course of a year, lose all sense of order. Closing out 2015 required a bit of wall patching, cleaning, painting, and re-hanging.

art wall

Yesterday saw the arrival of the proof copy of a music album I’ll be publishing this month. The CD looks and sounds great, but I found the volume to be too low compared to most of today’s music. I plan to return to my master files, crank the volume a bit, and resubmit the audio before making an official release. The artwork, which I designed using scans of an acrylic painting and an ink drawing, came out really nice. I’m excited to get this album and one more music album published before the new semester begins. seven crescents cd proof

I don’t do the tree thing in December, but the art studio desperately needed some suitable greenery. Here in the desert, we get ordinary house flies all year long, even in the winter. Otherwise the weather is so nice you can open windows and doors and let the cat come and go as she pleases and enjoy the sunlight and play guitar on the porch and… then the flies. It doesn’t take but a couple in the house to drive me mad. But, when life gives you flies, grow Venus flytraps.

venus flytrap

Nothing says seasonal festivity like a carnivorous plant. I ordered this one on eBay from “Joe’s Carnivorous Plants”. She just ate her first fly yesterday. I was so proud. The leaves are thin enough that when the sun shines on them you can see the pesky little fly trapped in there.

venus flytrap closeup

That should keep the freshly cleaned and organized sketch room from devolving into pestilence and infestation for another year! Go, little flytrap!

sketchbook sundays: year-end round up and free pdf


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Sketchbook 2014 Scans promo logoIt’s been a while since I posted a Sketchbook Sunday. But seeing as how it’s the last Sunday of 2015, I’d like to share some of my sketchbook favorites with you in a 48-page PDF you can download free.

I call it Sketchbook 2014, but it really includes material going back to 2013, and it played a major role in developing the finished artwork for my books in 2015. I’ve self-published eight books this year in paperback and Kindle, and original art graces the covers of more than half of them now, and several of the interiors. You can see the complete line-up at my Author’s Page on Amazon. Sketching has been a major part of keeping the artistic fire fueled, working out ideas, and experimenting with different rendering techniques or subjects.

Sketchbook 2014 is a collection of scans made directly from two of my trusty 8.5 x 11 sketchbooks which have been such good companions these past three years. Thank you for sharing artistic adventures here at Mars Will Send No More, and may you enjoy a happy New Year.

Sketchbook 2014 free PDF download URL:

For best results, view it in a “facing” page view in a PDF viewer that can handle two-page spreads. Several of these pieces span two pages.



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moms bluejay for prints - Copy

bluejay: digital study (high contrast, black and white pencil render, transparent color layer, color burn)

moms bluejay original

bluejay: mom’s original photograph



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mockingbird ink study - small

mockingbird ink study:

01 and 05 fine point pens, charcoal

mockingbird green pencil rendermockingbird digital study:

high contrast, pencil rendering, transparent color layers

moms mockingbird

mockingbird: mom’s original photograph

now in print: Patents & Public Health


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Patents_and_Public_H_Cover_for_KindleNow is an important time in human history. Viral outbreaks threaten lives and make headlines. We see new diseases appear and spread across the planet. We map our genetic code. And we now share the planet with lifeforms of our own creation.

A global communication system keeps us informed. But a global system of trade agreements plays a very important role we do not hear so much about. These trade agreements govern, among other things, patent protection for intellectual property.

When a nation accepts a trade agreement treating medicines as intellectual property, it can find itself ill-equipped to confront public health crises like outbreaks of viruses and disease. Genetic material, too, can become protected intellectual property, although the courts of different nations disagree on just what material and how protected it might be. Once the subject of futuristic science fiction novels, the commodification and ownership of human genetic material has become our reality in the 21st century.

The two essays in this booklet address the ethical concerns as well as the practical, administrative realities for the offices and courts where governments make decisions that affect all of us; our health, our genetic code, and our future.

Patents & Public Health: Two Essays on Medicine and Genetics as Intellectual Property. Now Available as a 70-page paperback or in Kindle Format.


now in print: Tobacco & Fluoride


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Tobacco_and_Fluoride_Cover_for_KindleConsider two substances, each with a body of research confirming its toxicity to human beings. People consume one of the substances for pleasure, and the other for its supposed health benefits. The World Health Organization actively bands nations together to reduce the marketability and consumption of the former, yet promotes the latter as an effective health measure. The essays in this book examine the policies governing these two substances: tobacco and fluoride.

Tobacco control policies have gained significant traction as nations around the world evaluate the success of Australia’s recent laws concerning cigarette packaging. Given impetus by the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, these policies have met with little public resistance, their sole opponents the companies which manufacture tobacco products.

At the same time, another movement has gained traction: the opposition to adding fluoride to municipal water systems. Though the World Health Organization advocates fluoridation, a growing number of researchers and voters have called its touted benefits into question. Unlike tobacco, the efforts to eliminate fluoride have met resistance from the medical establishment.

What is the future of these two substances, each known to have harmful effects on human beings and yet viewed so differently in the court of public opinion? The two essays in this affordable, 70-page booklet will answer that question.

Tobacco & Fluoride: Two Essays on Domestic and International Public Health Policy is now available in paperback and in a Kindle version.
It sits well on the shelf with the essays collected in Patents & Public Health: Two Essays on Medicine and Genetics as Intellectual Property.



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