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We’ve discussed Marvel Value Stamps with you before, but we recently reached a new level of geekdom with these little treasures. Our LCS (local comic shop) sold us a cheap grab bag of heavily abused Avengers comics. In that bag awaited Avengers #130. That’s the one that has Marvel Value Stamp #96, Dr. Octopus.

Now, we have a few Value Stamp issues in our collection, but we would NEVER dream of cutting up the pages of our 1970s Marvels. But in this case, the comic existed in such bad shape that we figured, well, to hell with it! (Yes, we know it’s a $100 book in CGC 9.6, but this was more like a $2 VG-/FR.) And so, with a socially inappropriate and childlike glee that only our fellow comic book fans could share, we grabbed a pair of scissors and peformed the first Value Stamp Extraction Surgery of our entire Martian life.

Later, we sacrificed Doc Ock to the gods of art in a mixed-media collage type thing for our Dream Journal series. He is either worth more now, or worth less, depending on how you value things. And just what is the value of a value stamp?

Avengers #130 also had a fun splash page we cut out to decorate our humble abode: Thor putting the smack-down on Iron Man!

It seems Iron Man had a personal grudge and wanted to beat up some characters in a foreign country. Thor told him to chill out and put his personal vendetta aside. Ol’ Shell Head wasn’t having it, though. Rule of thumb: No matter how many billions of dollars your costume cost, don’t get in a fist fight with a thunder god. CLANG!

Collector’s Guide: From Avengers #130. Reprinted in Essential Avengers TPB #6 (but not with the value stamp!).