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Treasure Chest Vol. 16 No. 9 is a golden-age comic we first discovered in Steve Bissette‘s Complete History of Dinosaur Comic Books. Bissette remarked in his sixth column that he would love to see that book again even though three decades of searching for it had proved fruitless at the time of writing. This mournful tale of lost dinosaur comics moved us to go searching for it.

Much less than thrity years later we found scans on the glorious web, and cleaned them up a bit for you to enjoy. Billed on the awesome cover as The World of Long Ago, the five-page story is called The Grandeur of God on the inside. It was published by a religious organization proposing that dinosaurs and evolution proved that… jehovah was a frickin’ genius. At least, that’s what we got from it.

Good luck finding this issue of Treasure Chest in print! We didn’t find it in any of our favorite online shops or eBay, but at last we got a VG+ copy from Newkadia for just $12.98 delivered. There’s hope for you yet!

So, without further ado, here is the tale that caught the young Bissette’s imagination!