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Armadillo Comics is our new favorite comic book. Brilliantly surreal and psychedelic, with lots of armadillos! We’d love for Rip Off Press to reprint this bad boy, since the two existing issues go for anywhere from $25 to $200. But, after you see this, you may think it’s a small price to pay!

Collector’s Guide: From Armadillo Comics #2, 1st Edition; Rip Off Press, 1971. By Jim Franklin (with Ike, Meggan Durden, and Captian Beefheart)

Update: Since originally posting, we not only bought a copy of this issue, but we found some more information on artist Jim Franklin:

– Jim Franklin’s site with Original Artwork and armadillo paintings!

– 2010 Radio Interview with Jim Franklin. An awesome hour discussing the Austin music/arts scene at the time this comic was created, underground comix legends like Gilbert Shelton, and why Jim started drawing armadillos – and how it took off!

Jim Franklin on Wikipedia and his billboard for Armadillo World Headquarters, an Austin music venue that apparently kicked major ass.