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Clan Apis is the comic book you show people who think comic books are dumb. No, we know everyone says to show them Watchmen. Wrong! Watchmen is a meditation upon the super-hero genre, and is mostly of interest to people who like super-hero comics. Clan Apis, on the other hand, is an educational book that will teach you incredible facts about bees while entertaining you at the same time.

The story centers around the life of a single bee, from grub stage to adulthood. Creator (and biologist) Jay Hosler brings science to life with magical illustrations of bees, the hive, and the life cycle of its inhabitants.

With Dr. Hosler’s permission, we’ll share with you the opening sequence from the first issue of this brilliant series. It concerns the origin of the universe and life itself — according to a bee! Let’s listen in as a worker bee tells the story to a young larva.

Collector’s Guide: From the Clan Apis TPB; Active Synapse, 2000. Originally published in five issues as Clan Apis, 1998.