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psychotic adventures 2 last gasp_0020

Psychotic Adventures #2 is the second of three issues by Charles Dallas, published in 1974 by Last Gasp. You only rarely see them in stock at MyComicShop, so I went directly to Last Gasp for my copy. Last Gasp is also currently out of stock, so maybe I got one of the last available copies on Earth.

psychotic adventures 2 last gasp_0021

The other two issues of Psychotic Adventures contain several short stories. You can see some of them in my Psychotic Adventures archive. This one, however, features a non-stop, no-advertisements, action/adventure story of epic scale — a story that doesn’t stop until the back cover of the book! The hero and his comrades endure the most horrifying tragedies and injustices, but they press forward with indomitable spirits, no matter what.

psychotic adventures 2 last gasp_0022

This story earns more than just a spot in my second round of Top Ten Favorite Single Comic Book Issues. Though I never discovered this title until a couple years after starting this blog, it has risen to the top of my hallowed short boxes of glory to claim its spot as the most awesome comic book I have ever read.