Since we posted Our Top Ten Favorite Single Issues in October 2011, our fan-blogging obsessions brought many more printed treasures to our attention. One by one, we added them to Mars Will Send No More until today’s post can link you to every one of them for in-depth exploration.

Qualifications for inclusion on the Ten More list are simple: The issue cannot be from a series already covered in our original Top Ten, and it must be brain-stunningly awesome. Six of them are black-and-white books, and we had only read three of them before we started this site in 2011. Allow us to present, in no particular order, Ten More of Our All-Time Favorite Single Issues. Click their titles to learn more about each one!


Armadillo Comics #2 by Jim Franklin; 1971, Rip Off Press


Man from Utopia #0 by Rick Griffin; 1972

Lone Wolf09_065

Lone Wolf & Cub #28; First Publishing

devil dinosaur 1 1978-003

Devil Dinosaur #1 by Jack Kirby; Marvel, 1978


Cartoon History of the Universe #1 by Larry Gonick; 1978, Rip Off Press

anarchy last gasp156

Anarchy Comics #1; 1978, Last Gasp

Silver Surfer 1 - (35)

Silver Surfer #1; Marvel, 1968


Super Villain Classics #1; Marvel, 1983

world around us 15 1958-024

World Around Us #15: Prehistoric Animals; Gilberton, 1959

Psychotic Adventures #2. Last Gasp, 1974.

Runner up: Spectacular Spider-man #21; Marvel, 2003.

But what about…? Several noteworthy series have not made it into our Top 20 single issues. This includes works like DMZ, Clan Apis, Frank, 100 Bullets, and Sin City, where the entire series as a work of art outweighs any single issue. We might rectify this with future lists!