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Marvel published Fatal Attractions in 1993, a six-chapter X-Men saga complete with wrap-around covers and holograms! Where are all the holograms now, I ask you? WHERE?!

But I digress. The mind-boggling complexity of this x-travaganza might put you off, if you are not into x-tensive sub-plots of 1993. So let’s skip all that and just rock the covers and holograms!

The big highlight of the story? Magneto gets fed up with our favorite mutant and rips all the adamantium out of Wolverine’s body! That’s gotta hurt! It was also the first time we discovered the claws were not implants but a part of Wolverine’s body — even without the adamantium.

If you like this Wolverine hologram below, you’ll love my scan of the hologram cover to Wolverine #100.

Collector’s Guide: From the Fatal Attractions series; Marvel, 1993.

Individual issues:
X-Factor #92
X-Force #25
Uncanny X-men #304
X-Men #25
Wolverine #75
Excalibur #71