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Travis Charest draws Wolverine and Zealot taking on the daemonites from the WildC.A.T.s series. Only here, the nasty aliens inhabit the bodies of Nazis in the 1940s. Aliens masterminding the Third Reich may not be the most original science fiction idea, but Charest and Scott Lobdell make it a solidly entertaining tale in the vein of Indiana Jones. Cool Jim Lee cover, too!

Image and Marvel made four WildC.A.T.s X-Men crossovers: Golden Age, Silver Age, Modern Age, and Dark Age, each with a different creative team. The first three also came in 3-D, and look pretty awesome.

In these pre-adamantium days, Wolverine doesn’t pop his claws. He opts for strapping some nasty hardware to his wrists, even though we’d seen four years earlier in Fatal Attractions that the claws were part of him. In these carefree days before Wolverine’s past became laid bare by Origins, he is also shown going by the name Logan in WW2 — not James Howlett. But don’t worry. You don’t need to be a continuity expert to kick back and enjoy this story! You can enjoy the first 1/3 in our gallery below.

Collector’s Guide: From WildC.A.T.s X-Men The Golden Age #1; Image/Marvel, 1997. Also available in 3-D. Reprinted in Wildcats/X-Men TPB #1.

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