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Marvel did a reprint of good old X-Men #1, but with the 4 separate covers as one complete wrap-around. It’s been re-colored as well, and on high-quality paper. The inside cover (pictured below) is a second poster, and Jim Lee drew a number of additional two-page spreads for the interior. The coolest one is the one with all the villains.

Collector’s Guide:
– From X-Men #1, edition 1E wrap-around

November 2011 update: We saw a 20-year anniversary reprint of X-Men #1 at the comic shop the other day. Looked like a lot of it had been recolored again. It looked good! Maybe Marvel will chalk up a few more sales on the highest selling issue of all time. But, it’s hard to believe anybody’s buying it at retail when you can get the original dirt cheap – including the four separate covers!