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The story of Norrin Radd’s abandoning a life of luxurious complacency to wield the power cosmic remains our favorite Origin of all time. If you ever have a chance to be the herald of Galactus, don’t think about it — just do it! We’ll see you in the spaceways.

Dig this slightly abridged version of Silver Surfer #1. We kept in all the origin parts, don’t worry! A nicely recolored version from one of the more recent reprints, it truly does justice to the all-powerful artwork of John Buscema.

Collector’s Guide: If you need a copy of Silver Surfer #1 for yourself — and believe us, you do — then here is a list of every time Marvel has printed it. Have fun shopping!

– From Silver Surfer #1; Marvel Comics, September 1968.
– Reprinted in Fantasy Masterpieces Vol. 2, #1; 1979.
– Reprinted in the Silver Surfer Omnibus Vol. 1
– Reprinted in the HardCover Silver Surfer Masterworks #1, a 2003 Paperback version, and a 2010 Paperback.
– Reprinted in black and white in Essential Silver Surfer, Vol. 1, Edition 1 and in Edition 2.