matthew drawing - Copy

Micron 05 fine point pen and Sharpie Pro King Size marker

Self portrait of your moderator here at MWSNM, with my old 12-string acoustic guitar.


sarah portrait - Copy

Sharpie Pen and Sharpie Pro King Size Marker

For this portrait we used a photo of Sarah Orchard. Sarah makes portraits, too. Her work appears in the first issue of art zine bangbang in the UK. You can find bangbang on Etsy. Visit Sarah at And This is Why I Will Die Alone Surrounded by Cats.

Harlem Heroes

Harlem Heroes 2000AD 1-20 (2)

Audiences in the States may know 2000AD as the UK magazine that spawned Judge Dredd. Our readers know we love 2000AD for the dinosaur series Flesh, the violent time-traveling fantasy of writer Pat Mills. Artist Dave Gibbons may not be a household word, but the American film industry made more people aware of the most famous book he drew: Watchmen. Our gallery today features another of Pat Mills’ brilliant ideas: the Harlem Heroes.

Harlem Heroes 2000AD 1-20 (17)

Dave Gibbons drew the Harlem Heroes, of which we share with you the first 50 pages or so. Tom Tully’s script delivers action and heroism at a breakneck pace. The Harlem Heroes play a futuristic game called Aeroball, and the series blends an outrageous dose of science-fiction themes with sports in a barrage of non-stop conflict. Well, when one of your team members is a brain in a vat, what else can you expect?

Harlem Heroes 2000AD 1-20 (6)

These second-hand scans we found years ago while looking for images from Flesh leave something to be desired, we know. Still, they give a good impression of the awesomeness of this little-known series. If you want a high-quality reproduction of the complete series, you can buy the collected Harlem Heroes on Amazon. Also know that the UK’s version of Amazon has three informative reviews of Harlem Heroes that do not appear on the States’ version of Amazon.

Well – what are you waiting for? Let’s play aeroball!

Titans Together: 24 George Perez Splash Pages

New Teen Titans 13-01

Though thirty-four years have passed since Marv Wolfman and George Perez began their run on the Teen Titans for DC Comics, time has done nothing to diminish our affection for their work. Our gallery below presents a collection of splash pages and two-page spreads from the first twenty issues of The New Teen Titans, showcasing Perez’s knack for detail, action, and creative layouts. Romeo Tanghal’s ink work made him an integral part of the team. Nothing displays this better than the two pages (included in our gallery) penciled by legendary Superman artist Curt Swan in issue #5. Under Tanghal’s pen they seamlessly maintain the look and feel Perez established for the title.

New Teen Titans 08-01

The New Teen Titans embraced the absurdities of superhero comics while taking them to a higher level with rich characterizations and finely-crafted emotional lives for its adolescent stars. It managed to be a grown-up book without being an “adult” title, and to handle many serious stories without veering off into the “grim and gritty” deconstructionism of more famous works from the 1980s. The New Teen Titans deserved better than the cheap paper and printing processes of the average comic book of its time. It thus became one of the first mainstream superhero books to change to a higher-quality printing process, though unfortunately this came near the end of Perez’s stint on the title.

New Teen Titans 10-2324

Readers would have to wait many years to see Perez’s outstanding art printed in a high-quality format it deserved. This began with The New Teen Titans DC Archive Edition in 1999, a four-volume hardcover reprinting #1-27, the first Annual, the first appearance in DC Comics Presents #26, and the Tales of the New Teen Titans limited series. Sadly, that printing only covered less than half of the incredible Wolfman/Perez run. Readers would have to wait even longer for a complete reprint of the masterpiece.

New Teen Titans 06-01

More recently, from 2011 to 2013, DC Comics unleashed The New Teen Titans Omnibus. This three-volume hardcover series spans 1,720 pages, at last giving the outstanding series the treatment it deserved.

As a result, the demand for original printings of all but the earliest issues has significantly declined. So, if you enjoy collecting classics on a budget, you will find the original issues of New Teen Titans incredibly affordable. The upside of having the original issues is that you can truly enjoy the two-page spreads in a format where they open up completely and don’t lose any artwork in the ‘gutter’ between pages. We love omnibus formats, but sometimes a floppy old comic book that opens flat allows you to really take in the artwork as originally intended. The choice is yours!


please don’t bag the baby!

warning labels002

We’re not really sure what sort of people need to see this warning label, but we suspect they are the same people who need to be reminded Please Don’t Take the Baby to the Liquor Store.

hot enough for you?

What Phoenix, AZ is like for the next two months:

godzilla and the atomic heat wave

Last year we tried frying an egg on the sidewalk.


puma drawing 5x7 - Copy

Micron 08 fine-point pen and Sharpie marker

Buy it as a framed print or card.


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