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martian chronicles ian miller -001This book deeply disturbed me the first time I tried to read it. My young mind had already devoured sci-fi novels for grown-ups. Several Ray Bradbury short story collections already earned him a life-long place in my literary heart. But these illustrations by Ian Miller really freaked me out!

Have a look for yourself. I sacrificed a battered copy of this edition of The Martian Chronicles to the gods of art and Internet immortality so that you may revel in the strange, unearthly, and somewhat maniacal artwork. Enjoy the stark beauty of Miller’s Martian landscape, and the creepy-crawly nightmares he conjures up for this most famous of Ray Bradbury epics.

Collector’s Guide:
– From The Martian Chronicles; Bantam Books, 1979 Illustrated Edition.
Words by Ray Bradbury, pictures by Ian Miller.
This is now available for the Kindle, too. How futuristic!