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pastel lightning rod salesman -001

The Lightning Rod Salesman.
Pastel on toned tan paper.

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It’s no secret Ray Bradbury made a huge impression on us and brought us hours of enjoyment with his stories. In the beginning of Something Wicked This Way Comes, a man selling lightning rods comes to town. He warns some young boys, our protagonists, of an approaching storm. In Bradbury’s novel, he is friendly and entirely human – albeit a bit odd. It’s only his ominous warning about the storm that lends an air of creepiness to the scene.

Our fanciful pastel rendering of him revisits another one of our old Sculpey creations. Unlike the demons of 1998, he seems off-beat but not unfriendly. Maybe it’s the dredlocks. Created in 2002 in Las Vegas, he incorporates several metal objects, pebbles, and glass we found on our desert excursions.

Note: Last year we shared with you a big chunk of Ray Bradbury stories that appeared in EC Comics. Flip through our Ray Bradbury archives or EC Comics archives if you haven’t discovered these little gems yet. Enjoy!

statues 3 lightning rod salesman