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In this three page story by Ken Macklin, a dinosaur invents the first set of artificial wings. “Dr. WatchStop” was one of several original creations by Macklin, about whom we haven’t been able to discover much. It seems he was in underground comics in the 70s, too.

We don’t recall ever seeing this story before last month. Fusion was never one of the Eclipse titles we got into back in the 1980s. But, you have to admit, the concept bears a striking resemblance to the core idea we had for our own little dinosaur comic. How did we find it? Our art teacher snagged this book at random out of a clearance bin for a project. Talk about synchronicity…

Collector’s Guide:
– from Fusion #7; Eclipse, 1988.
Backup art & story by Ken Macklin

fusion 7 -002

fusion 7 -003

fusion 7 -004

fusion 7 -001