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from here to insanity - (2)You have enjoyed our 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea posts featuring the Moby Books adaptations and Pablo Marcos artwork. Now, let’s just keep proving that Jack Kirby did it all – including a giant squid! Today you will find in our gallery a six-page story from 1955, published by Charlton Comics, that spoofs the Jules Verne classic.

Just for fun, we threw in a one-page superhero spoof from Uncle Jack, too: Comet Feldmeyer and his lovable companion The Electronic Nuisance! Consider yourself a major geek if you get the “Dial M for Myrtle” comics reference, and move to the head of the class.

Collector’s Guide:
– from From Here to Insanity #11; Charlton, 1955.
All art by Jack Kirby other than four pages out of the 68-page issue.

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