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EC Comics featured many stories by Ray Bradbury, and we’d like to share them with you. Below the story featured in today’s gallery, you will find a list of Ray Bradbury stories and the EC Comics issues where they appeared. We believe we’ve compiled a definitive guide. If you have additions or corrections, we would love to hear from you.

Your Guide to Ray Bradbury in EC Comics

Collected in “Tomorrow Midnight

Punishment Without Crime (Kamen) – Weird Science #21
I, Rocket (Williamson) – Weird Fantasy #20
King of the Grey Spaces (Severin & Elder) – Weird Fantasy #19
The One Who Waits (Williamson) – Weird Science #19
The Long Years (Orlando) – Weird Science #17
There Will Come Soft Rains (Wood) – Weird Fantasy #17
Mars Is Heaven! (Wood) – Weird Science #18
Outcast of the Stars (Orlando) – Weird Science #22

Collected in “The Autumn People

There Was an Old Woman (Ingels) – Tales from the Crypt #34
The Screaming Woman (Kamen) – Crime SuspensStories #15
Touch and Go! (Craig) – Crime SuspensStories #17
The Small Assassin (Evans) – Shock SuspenStories #7
The Handler (Ingels) – Tales from the Crypt #36
The Lake (Orlando) – Vault of Horror #31
The Coffin (Davis) – Haunt of Fear #16
Let’s Play ‘Poison’ (Davis) – Vault of Horror #29


Home To Stay (Wood) (Based on “Kaleidoscope” & “Rocket Man”) – Weird Fantasy #13
The October Game (Kamen) – Shock SuspenStories #9
The Black Ferris (Davis) – Haunt of Fear #18
What the Dog Dragged In (Kamen) (Based on “The Emissary”) – Vault of Horror #22
Sound of Thunder (Williamson, Torres, Krenkel) – Weird Science Fantasy #25 (reprint = Weird Science-Fantasy #3)
Zero Hour (Kamen) – Weird Fantasy #18
Million Year Picnic (Severin, Elder) – Weird Fantasy #21
The Silent Towns (Crandall) – Weird Fantasy #22
The Flying Machine (Krigstein) – Weird Science Fantasy #23 (reprint = Weird Science-Fantasy #1)
Surprise Package (Kamen) (Based on “Changeling”) – Weird Science #20
Mad Journey (Williamson, Frazetta, Krenkel) (Based on “The Earthmen”) – Weird Fantasy #14

Readers have submitted an additional four uncredited stories for this list:

A Lesson in Anatomy (Kamen) (based on The Man Upstairs) – Weird Fantasy #12
A Strange Undertaking (Ingels) (based on The Handler) – Haunt of Fear #6
The Jellyfish (Ingels) (based on Skeleton) – Vault of Horror #19
Just Desserts (based on The Smiling People) – Shock SuspenStories #3