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What happens when you can’t die? If you’re Demetrius Risher, you grow disgusted as you watch humanity take their lives for granted. You decide to remind them how precious life is by horrifying them with serial murders – not once, but many times throughout history! Jack the Ripper, The Axeman of New Orleans, The Cleveland Torso Killer, The Zodiac, and many more unsolved murder cases all turn out to be the work of one undying psycho: Risher.

Risher’s brutal deeds do not go unchallenged. Anton Karvos, the husband of one of Risher’s victims, vows to stop Risher even if it costs his life. In fact, it already has on several occasions! Lucky for Karvos, he has someone looking out for him…

You can now buy Risher #1 by the team of P.H. Dillard and Tamas Szalkai in the Risher Store in both print and digital formats. The store links to other vendors like Amazon and IndyPlanet if you prefer those channels.