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John Byrne created some of the most memorable Fantastic Four epics during his run on Fantastic Four #232-292 and Annuals #17-19. We will share with you a few of our favorites. With five years of work to pick from, it wasn’t easy choosing just a handful!

Today’s feature: The Trial of Reed Richards! In an earlier issue, Reed saved the life of Galactus. The other heroes had some misgivings, but they all chipped in to build a giant framistat powered by Thor’s hammer. (It’s comic book science.)

The Big G showed his thanks by not eating Earth, but soon proceeded to eat some other perfectly nice planets! The Shi’ar — the X-Men’s intergalactic pen pals — are so ticked off that they put Reed on trial for aiding and abetting a world-eater. Odin shows up to drop some knowledge about the Origin of Galactus, along with the Watcher and Eternity himself! Are you ready for the cosmic truth to be revealed?

Note: This story came out in Assistant Editor’s Month. Lots of goofy stuff happened that month. Byrne used it as an excuse to insert himself into the story, going on an interstellar mission to report on the FF’s adventures firsthand. His (assistant) editor hears the tale and thinks John might be smoking too many of his own pencil shavings! Read more about Assistant Editor’s Month at a blog dedicated solely to it.

Collector’s Guide: From Fantastic Four #262. Reprinted in the Fantastic Four by John Byrne Omnibus – Volume 1, 2011. Byrne’s run spans Fantastic Four #232-292 and Annuals #17-19.