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Today we welcome back Paul O’Connor from the Longbox Graveyard. Paul has teamed up with us before for Godzilla Week, and we have some scans from one of his original works called Paranoia. After your head stops spinning from the awesomeness of Super-Villain Team-Up #13, check out his review of the complete series at LongBox Graveyard. Take it away, Paul!

Thanks, Mars, for an opportunity to present Super-Villain Team-Up #13, one of the best issues of this star-crossed series. As I detailed in my full review of the series over at Longbox Graveyard, Super-Villain Team-Up was a dynamite concept: an anti-hero starring vehicle for Dr. Doom and the baddest bad guys of the Marvel Universe. But, the series got derailed time and again by rotating creative teams and confusion over the direction and tone of the book.

By issue #13, the always-dependable Bill Mantlo was aboard. In this issue, along with issues #12 and #14, the series finally comes into its own. When Walks the Warlord features high drama beneath the waves as plot lines running for several years in this bi-monthly book come to a head at last. You’ll watch the Sub-Mariner fight to recover his lost kingdom of Atlantis. You’ll see Doom fulfill his vow to return Namor’s subjects from their nerve-gas induced slumber. Along the way, you’ll see all the stuff that made this series sing: Dr. Doom talking about himself in the third person, evil and noble at the same time! The Sub-Mariner being an Avenging Son and shouting Imperious Rex! A swordfight beneath the sea! A blasphemous horror from the bottomless depths!

If every issue of Super-Villain Team-Up had been this good, the book might still be with us. Alas, years of long neglect would shortly take their toll, and this potentially ground-breaking book would soon succumb to cancellation. But, we will always have that brief, shining moment, when super-villains teamed up to conquer the world (and each other), in a comic that wasn’t afraid to be fun, action-packed, and over-the-top with 1970s-style Marvel goodness. Enjoy!

Collector’s Guide: From Super-Villain Team-Up #13; Marvel, 1977. Reprinted in Essential Super-Villain Team-Up TPB.