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Roy Thomas created the metal Adamantium in 1969 in Avengers #66, the first of a trilogy starring the world’s most evil robot: Ultron! Barry Windsor Smith lays down visually stunning artwork inspired by his predecessors Jack Kirby and John Buscema. Smith returned to adamantium in Wolverine stories Wounded Wolf and Weapon X.

Collector’s Guide:
– From Avengers #66
– Reprinted in Marvel Super Action #27
– Reprinted in Marvel Masterworks: Avengers #7
– Reprinted in Essential Avengers TPB #3

This three-parter may well be our favorite classic Avengers story. Once upon a time, we had only read the conclusion in the reprint Marvel Super Action #29. A big Thank You to @GInvestor888 and @Horace_Austin for opening the doors of our memory, and for reminding us on Twitter this first part of the trilogy introduced adamantium to the Marvel Universe!