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Ultron. Rockin’ Hard Since 1969. Barry Windsor-Smith and Syd Shores artwork from Avengers #66.

Thank you, Paul, for reminding us about Age of Ultron. Ultron has been a favorite character of ours for about as long as we’ve been able to read. We got lucky and cut our teeth on what may be the all-time Ultron classics of the late 60s and 70s, and our minds have been warped ever since. Here is a handy guide to the Ultron stories in our archives that blew our minds as kids and have stood the test of time.

Avengers #66 (1969, first appearance of Ultron & adamantium, part 1 of 3)
Avengers #135 (1975, origin of Vision)
Avengers #161 (1977, Bride of Ultron Part 1)
Avengers #162 (1977, Bride of Ultron, Part 2)

Longbox Graveyard dicusses 1977’s Bride of Ultron from Avengers #161-162 at Stash My Comics.