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What can we say about Metamorphosis Odyssey? This is why Guttenberg invented the printing press! It’s what the ancient Egyptians hoped for when they first put words and pictures together on a piece of papyrus! The Iliad? A warm-up. Beowulf? Amateurs. The Brothers Karamazov? Not even close. So read it, buy it, and store 1000 copies in a weatherproof, impact-resistant time capsule for future generations.

Collector’s Guide:
If you must have it all, you need Epic Illustrated #1-9 plus #15, The Price graphic novel (or Dreadstar Annual #1), and the Dreadstar graphic novel. That sets you up for Dreadstar #1-26 at Epic and #27-40 at First Comics.

Whoa! There goes the kids’ college fund! But don’t worry: You can read the ten-page “Cliff Notes” version at Planets Disappeared In Atomic Infernos! You’ll also enjoy the chapter where Oedi and Dreadstar first meet Willow.

Now let’s do this!