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This is the final chapter of Metamorphosis Odyssey to appear in Epic Illustrated. From here, Jim Starlin launched the ongoing Dreadstar series. You learn more of the origin of Willow in Dreadstar #2. Here, Oedi (the cat man) and Vanth Dreadstar run into a spot of trouble on a mission. Vanth shows us – and Willow – a little something about the power of believing in yourself.

Collector’s Guide: From Epic Illustrated #15. If you must have it all, you need Epic Illustrated #1-9 plus #15, The Price graphic novel (or Dreadstar Annual #1), and the Dreadstar graphic novel. That sets you up for Dreadstar #1-26 at Epic and #27-40 at First Comics.

Whoa! There goes the kids’ college fund! But don’t worry: You can read the “Cliff Notes” version at Planets Disappeared In Atomic Infernos!