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In 1978, Hot Wheels, a division of Mattel, produced the Spider-Car. You might not remember seeing this car in any comic books, and it certainly hasn’t made the big screen adaptations yet either. After what they did with CGI for the Bat-mobile, you’d think they could whip up a Spider-Car beyond our wildest imaginations. Imagine Venom behind the wheel of Spider-man’s car, causing mayhem and manslaughter. Maybe in a team-up Nightcrawler could teleport the crankshaft into space…

You can still find the Spider-Car on eBay for about $20 delivered, so happy hunting. Don’t forget the Incredible Hulk Van, pictured below. If I recall correctly, it featured doors on the back that opened up. I also had a safari truck with a lion in the back. The lion would pace in a circle when I moved the wheels. Since the lion easily detached from his own truck, he sometimes went for rides in the Hulk van.

For collectors, this lion truck is Matchbox 57c Wildlife truck. It came in ugly yellow but I prefer the zebra stripe model. I’ve seen that zebra stripe model referred to as Matchbox 57e, but I’m no diecast car expert!

Before I lose you with my nostalgic ramblings, rock out on these pics of the Spider-Car. I totally stole them from the guy who sold me the car but don’t think he’ll mind.