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Please enjoy our complete audio and visual collection of the Spider-man story: Invasion of the Dragon MenPower Records released Invasion of the Dragon Men more than once. In 1974, they collected five Spider-man stories on a full-length album. We have all those audio files collected here for you, too. Yes, that’s .mp3 recordings of the original cracklin’ vinyl. That’s hot!

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Story 1: Invasion of the Dragon Men
Story 2: Return of the Conquistador
Story 3: The Mad Hatter of Manhattan
Story 4: The Abominable Snowman
Story 5: The Bells of Doom

Now check out this gallery of the complete Invasion of the Dragon Men story illustrated for Power Records. It includes the front and back of “The Amazing Spider-man Vol. II LP” from 1974, and the complete pages of the Invasion of the Dragon Men stand-alone album.