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puma blues 13 dream michael zulli art

Puma Blues #13 brings together many of our favorite themes here at Mars Will Send No More, from wildlife art to dreams and silent issues. If Michael Zulli’s art appeals to you, we have more samples of Zulli’s wildlife art in our archives. Let us also recommend to you, again from our archives, John Totleben’s wonderful fish-filled issue of the Vertigo series The Dreaming.

puma blues 13 dream michael zulli art (11)

Collector’s Guide:
In September, 2015, Dover Publications will print the entire series in one 480-page hardcover volume. You can find it listed on Amazon as The Puma Blues (Dover Graphic Novels). It is available for pre-order currently, and at $25 for Amazon Prime members.

Previous printings include:
The Puma Blues; Aardvark-Vanaheim, 1986
– Reprinted in The Puma Blues Book One and Book Two; Mirage Studios, 1988.