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In 2012, Neil Gaiman won a long-standing court case recognizing his creator rights to the Angela character, sixteen years after her first appearance in Spawn #9. But we’re not here to dicuss the legal troubles of our favorite creators — just to celebrate their awesome work!

While we always enjoyed the artwork in Spawn, we were never huge fans of the book. Angela, however, struck a chord with us — and we were not alone. Fans dug her so much that she starred in her own three-issue limited series by Gaiman and artist Greg Capullo.

Today we’ll have a look at the first scene from the first issue of that series. It’s Angela’s hundred thousandth birthday. To celebrate, Heaven’s most ass-kicking huntress tracks down an alien dragon to put his fearsome head on her trophy wall.

Collector’s Guide: From Angela #1; Image, 1994. Reprinted in the Angela TPB.

Collector’s Notes: The Angela TPB does not include the first appearance of Angela by Gaiman and Todd McFarlane in Spawn #9 (reprinted in Spawn TPB #2.) Angela also appears in Curse of the Spawn #9-11 (reprinted in Curse of the Spawn TPB #3.) The Curse stories flashback to her origin.