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In the second Amazing Adventures series, Jack Kirby took The Inhumans out of the Fantastic Four to star in their own stories. Here in 1970, Kirby’s art moves towards the revolutionary cosmic style that defined his later 1970s works. Plus, he takes writing credit for these Inhumans tales. Most of them stay pretty close to well-worn Marvel scenarios: good guys manipulated by bad guys into fighting other good guys, or good guys punching evil costumed creeps. But you can look at them as a warm-up for Kirby’s rise to greater creative control over art and story.

Kirby crafted the Inhumans stories in the first four issues of Amazing Adventures before other artists and writers took over. We see them as a middle ground between Kirby’s Fantastic Four work and the cosmic epics he would soon produce at the apex of his career.

Collector’s Guide: From Amazing Adventures Vol. 2 #1; Marvel, 1970. Reprinted in Marvel Masterworks Inhumans hard cover #1.