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Of all the battles Doug Moench dreamed up for Godzilla, this vicious struggle with a sewer rat remains our favorite. What’s that? Godzilla’s bigger than a rat? Yes, he is, Martian! But check it out: the super-duper grown-ups nailed the King of the Monsters with a shrinker-izer that made him easier to handle. Doesn’t that sound like the kind of messed-up thing an adult would do to your huge green buddy? How is he supposed to annihilate civilization at that size?!?

But we digress… Suffice to say, Godzilla doesn’t take any crap from this rat — although there’s plenty of it floating in the water! Yuck! Let’s check out the way Herb Trimpe draws this slimy saga of savage sewage supremacy.

Collector’s Guide: From Godzilla #18; Marvel, 1979. Reprinted in Essential Godzilla TPB #1.

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