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Cover-up from Rip Off Press is one weird comic book! It contains two stories about conspiracy theories which are complete fictions — really ridiculous parodies of the whole conspiracy idea. But then the second half of the book is taken up by Lowdown. Lowdown’s intent is clearly educational, informing citizens about shady government activities.

We’re not sure that sandwiching these two ideas together is very effective. The satire seems to put the serious information in too kooky of a context. But Jay Kinney and Paul Mavrides, of Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers fame, seem to enjoy not only promoting counter-culture, but laughing at it, too. Either way, it’s a sweet indie comic to add to your collection. We’re sharing with you the informational Lowdown pages today, so enjoy!

Collector’s Guide: Last time we checked, Coverup was out-of-print and out of stock at Rip Off Press, but it never hurts to check in with them: Rip Off Press