Jim Woodring’s Frank 1: Gentleman Hog!

Frank and his friend the chicken pull a cruel prank on Hog. As Hog flees, he finds solace and comfort with a strange, sensitive, and regal man who treats him kindly. But all good things must come to an end, and all terrible things must come full circle. Let’s take a look at a small excerpt from this tale. For the horrifying conclusion, pick up Portable Frank.

Wordless, funny, poignant, terrifying, and trippy: Jim Woodring‘s “Frank” takes ‘funny animal’ cartoons to a place they’ve never been before!

Collector’s Guide:
– From Frank #1 “Gentleman Hog,” Fantagraphics Press.
By Jim Woodring.
– Reprinted in the Frank Hardcover, 354 pages collecting all the color and b&w stories.
– The easiest Frank collection to find is Portable Frank. 200 pages collect a great deal of the black and white stories.

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5 responses to “Jim Woodring’s Frank 1: Gentleman Hog!

  • Longbox Graveyard (@LBoxGraveyard)

    That … is some weird stuff, right there, Mars. Weird stuff. But I like it. I think. Has kind of an R. Crumb vibe without so much of the exposed pathology (but some internal pathologies that are just as disturbing).

    Thanks for sharing that one.


  • James Sweet

    I “read” that one to my kids, who are 2 and 4. (Obviously I need to make up the narration myself) I am not kidding. They love it, and strangely enough do not seem particularly disturbed by the ending. Hopefully I am not scarring them for life, hah…

    They love Frank, and they are always begging me to read it to them — which is somewhat more exhausting than just reading a kids’ book, since as I mentioned I have to make up the narration, and when it comes to Woodring’s stuff, um, that is easier said than done. “Gentleman Hog” is straightforward enough, but some of the other ones, I’m just like, “Um, and then that spinny thing turned into another weird looking thing, and, uh, Frank started crying for no reason, and well… yeah…” That’s probably why “Gentleman Hog” is their favorite ;)


    • Mars Will Send No More

      Awesome! That doesn’t sound weird at all to us – more like “using your imagination!”

      Frank is certainly less horrifying than the original Grimm Brothers stories. We doubt you have done any psychological damage. It might even be an interesting study to compare reactions to Frank from both children and adults. How do your kids perceive the conflicts? What parts do they enjoy most? Do they offer their own interpretations of events?

      On a side note, someone read us the first issue of Preacher – since we never read it before. Except they just made up their own dialogue and summarized the action of the panels. It turned out to be hilarious and much more enjoyable than the actual comic book!


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    […] in two formats, including a complete collection in paperback. Woodring kindly gave us permission to post a few excerpts in our archives. Since then, Fantagraphics has published new Frank stories: These superb and surreal cartoon […]


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