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Here it is, Martians: the complete EC Comics story “An Eye for an Eye” by Angelo Torres. You can skip the exposition and go straight for the story below, but we would like a chance to set the record straight. Why? Because we noticed that one of the top-ten searches leading people to Mars in 2011 was “EC Comics Eye for an Eye.” So, enjoying a research challenge, we set out to find it for you.

And no wonder you Martians are having a hard time finding it! Comics Alliance mistakenly identified it as the “story about a black astronaut.” Wrong! That story is “Judgment Day.” Our friends at Wikipedia currently say the story was first rejected, but don’t give you any clue where it was actually printed. They mysteriously say “1971” — but in what book? Next up, The Horrors of It All has a cool story from 1952 by the same name — but it’s not this one! PencilInk earns big props for identifying the actual publication — but even they got it wrong until a savvy commenter spoke up!

So here’s the real deal: “An Eye for an Eye” was rejected for publication in Incredible Science Fiction #33 in 1956. Instead, that magazine contained “Judgment Day.” When Gemstone reprinted the issue in 1995 as Incredible Science Fiction #11, they restored “An Eye for an Eye” to the magazine.

Got all that? Is your brain reeling? Great. Now dig in to the story you’ve been searching for: “An Eye for an Eye” by Angelo Torres! It’s truly awesome!

Collector’s Guide: From Incredible Science Fiction #11; Gemstone, 1995 (EC Comics reprint).