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There’s nothing that rocks harder than a good splash panel — unless it’s a double-splash! You can imagine how excited we were to crack open Thor #380 and discover Thor’s legendary battle with the serpent Jormungand rendered entirely in full page spreads. It’s like getting whacked with the Uru hammer!

In case you need a little back story: Hela, the goddess of the underworld, got mad at Thor and removed his ability to die. Sounds cool, huh? Except she also rendered his bones completely brittle. So, every time he gets hit, his bones crumble to shards. OW!!! No me gusta!

Thor gets himself some new threads that hold him together. He also realizes that the ancient prophecies indicate he will die when he faces off with Jormungand. So since he can’t die, this is the perfect time to rid the universe of this nasty critter. That’s the set up — let’s rock this thing!

Collector’s Guide: From The Mighty Thor #380. Reprinted in the Thor Omnibus featuring the complete Walter Simonson stories.

Story, Art, and creative remaking of Norse legend by Walter Simonson. Completely over-blown sound effects lettered by John Workman!

Longbox Graveyard dug this one, too, and shared some of the crisp, re-colored panels from Marvel’s digital archives. Dig it at Stash My Comics!