matthew in scottsdale az july 2013

I like music. Studying, performing, recording, composing, and broadcasting music. My main instrument is the guitar. I like to play other things, too – sometimes on stage, sometimes at home, sometimes with friends.

You can access my forty favorite original tracks by clicking the link below. It includes self-produced instrumental tracks in my home studio from 2005-2012, tracks from live acoustic shows in 2002 where I did a bit of singing, instrumental tracks recorded live circa 2010 with a loop pedal, an occasional cover or interpretation, and a few special appearances by friends of mine on bass, vocals, and production.

The file sharing service for this is free, secure, and does not require an account. You can listen in your browser or download tracks at will. I am currently looking at options for mastering the best of these for sale as a print-on-demand CD, so enjoy them and pirate them while you can!

Just click Matthew Howard Guitar Retrospective.

2009 photos (23)

5 thoughts on “Music”

  1. Nice to Meet you Mars, keep up the good work!


  2. Hey I like this !!

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