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Shout out to author Jeffrey Cooper for doing the preliminary research on this one. I contributed layout and design for Jeffrey’s debut ebook and paperback this year, Foot Soldier in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Memoir. The memoir recounts Jeffrey’s life and work in the tech sector that made possible many of the current advancements in computing and artificial intelligence, and it’s been getting stellar reviews both on and off Amazon.

But what do you do if someone like the New York Times or Stephen King says something nice about your book, but didn’t post the review on Amazon? This is yet another time when it comes in handy to have an Amazon Author Page set up through Author Central at https://author.amazon.com/. Thanks to Author Central, you can now add these “external” reviews to your book’s listing. Here are the steps:

1. Log in to Author Central.

2. Click on the “Books” tab at the top of the page.

3. Click on the book you want to add reviews to.

4. Click “Edit book details”.

5. In “Your Editorial Reviews”, click the button for “Add Review”.

6. In the text box, type or paste the book review(s) you want to add. Make sure to attribute the review to the source. Some basic formatting options are available.

7. Click “Preview” to see how your entry looks.

8. When you’re satisfied, click “Save” to add the review.

Author Central also has a few guidelines you will see above the box where you add the review. They are good to know:

1. Reviews should consist of transcribed text from reputable sources. The name of the source should be credited after the quotation. For example, “A fantastic read.” —The New York Times.

2. Quotes from outside reviews should follow “fair use” copyright guidelines and be limited to 1–2 sentences.

3. We recommend you limit your reviews to 3000 characters. Customers might miss other critical information if your reviews are too long.