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art generated by Midjourney.

In 2033, Meteor Mags records 88 Light Years, the second solo album featuring her vocal and piano talents. This lyric for one of her original tunes is about a legendary chess player who defeated damn near everyone in the States and Europe before quitting the game entirely at age twenty-two. At age forty-seven, he was found dead in his bathtub as the result of a stroke.

The Paul Morphy Blues

I fought fools and princes,
taught them how to kneel.
Vict’ry gave me nothing,
nothing I could feel.

I fought states and countries,
taught them how to cry.
My heart is a riverbed
drought has all run dry.

Conquered all horizons,
I solved all the math.
Quit while you’re a legend.
Someone draw my bath.

Will you come and visit?
Will you say my name?
Hist’ry’s what you make it.
Now it’s all the same.

Call me pride and sorrow.
Say I was insane.
I can’t see a damn thing,
blinded in this game.

When there’s no tomorrow,
future’s in the past,
I won’t care for legends.
Someone draw my bath.

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